Why you can’t get a tattoo before the age of 18

Why you can’t get a tattoo before the age of 18

Eighteen are there? – this is the question that everyone who comes to the first session hears. And it is right. By law, as well as by ethical standards, a tattoo under 18 cannot be done. The reasons are not only formal, but also quite objective! From our own experience, we know: many who want to get a tattoo before they come of age most often choose a sketch that will eventually get bored, the decision on a tattoo may not be deliberate and not one self-respecting master or salon will undertake to do work for a young man or girl.

Many who get tattoos before 18, after their majority, come to fix the tattoo, get a cover up or even want to remove the mistake of youth.
Since the masters who are ready to get a tattoo before eighteen are usually young themselves, inexperienced and do not have high-quality equipment and consumables.
This is not to mention the safety and sterility of the procedure.
And, take my word for it, when you are 23, what was considered “cool” and fashionable will become absolutely insignificant. And no one has invented a time machine yet)

Do not rush it is not worth it. Better to wait a bit!

The eighteenth birthday is a special day. From the moment we turn 18, we become adults and acquire the legal right to drive a car, get married, participate in elections, work in government services and get tattoos. Coming of age means responsibility for the decisions made, which means you can safely go to the session.

This item is mandatory in the rules of all professional salons. And not a single decent master, not a single good studio will undertake to work with minors. Why? We will be happy to explain.

What changes in life with the onset of this age?

Officially, a person becomes capable, as well as able to independently exercise and defend their rights. And the right for tattoos too. Until 18 and we do not have such a unique opportunity. Parents are responsible for us, they are also engaged in providing ours.

Does it matter how old, I pay for a tattoo?

The difference is huge! Until we are eighteen, we are all children. Do not be surprised at this definition. On the contrary, it is worth celebrating the responsibility of tattoo artists. They have seen a lot and will not advise bad

Are there exceptions?

Not! Anyone under the age of 18 can only be offered temporary bio tattoos in our salon. They are applied to the skin and you can “try on” a tattoo, walk around with it and understand if you need it.

Can I get piercing or tattooing?

Tattooing and piercing in salons is done strictly from the age of 18. For the same reasons as tattoos.

Once you have reached the cherished age, you can confidently go to the salon. Craftsmen will be happy to pick up a piece of jewelry or develop a unique sketch.

And if you come to us on your birthday, you will receive something interesting as a gift. Namely, a discount. The main thing is not to forget your passport. By the way, it is better to take it for every session.

That is, you need to go to the salon with a passport?

But this is a very competent approach! So that the master has no doubts, take your passport with you – there is no better confirmation of your age (and identity confirmation).

We wish you all a good mood and look forward to at the Tattoo Times salon!

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