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What do LP singer tattoos mean?

What do LP singer tattoos mean?

The star of the LP singer has risen over the world community not so long ago. Despite the fact that for a long time a girl with an androgynous appearance wrote an incredible number of hits for famous people, she decided to go on stage just a few years ago with her undisputed hit Lost on you.

When considering the appearance of the artist, you can immediately notice a huge number of tattoos on her body. And, as the girl herself admitted, they all have a certain meaning for her. The most memorable tattoo is the clipper that rushes through the waves. Note that these vessels were first manufactured in Russia. And it is with this country that the decision to apply a tattoo on his chest is connected.

The girl admitted that when she first went to Russia with concerts, she was very afraid and nervous. And the image of this ship instilled confidence and lightness. Since then, LP has taken this tattoo as an illustration of the transition from the old life, when she broke the contract with the label and parted with her loved one, to the new one, which brought her worldwide fame.

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The sailboat tattoo can be considered a kind of LP’s calling card and hundreds of her fans have already performed similar tattoos. In addition, the word love is depicted on the inner surface of the girl’s right shoulder. Moreover, despite the American origin of the celebrity, it is written in Russian. As it turned out, it was made by one of the Russian masters in Kazan. Thus, the girl once again showed her love for the listeners of Russia.

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