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Volochkova got a protective tattoo

Volochkova got a protective tattoo

Ballerina Volochkova is one of the most controversial representatives of modern show business. Anastasia herself has repeatedly claimed that she has a huge number of enemies and envious people who are not afraid to openly demonstrate their dislike for her. However, for her, famous and successful, it makes no sense to spend time and energy on litigation. However, she still intends to fight the negative streams that are directed in her direction.

Several years ago, the girl met with one of the psychics, who said that a terrible damage was imposed on her and offered to remove her for a huge amount of money. Volochkova refused, justifying this by the fact that true seers live in seclusion. In search of such, she went to Thailand.

As a result, the found sage suggested that the celebrity get a tattoo on the back, which would become her reliable and unshakable protection from the evil eye, damage and other pranks of enemies. By the way, Angelina Jolie has a similar tattoo.

Volochkova herself noted that she literally instantly felt the influence of this image on her body. She began to feel more relaxed and protected.

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