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TOP 10 tattoos of famous musicians

TOP 10 tattoos of famous musicians

The bodies of popular artists of the Russian scene are often decorated with numerous tattoos. For your attention – a dozen stellar musicians, known for their great love to emphasize individuality with drawings, phrases and symbols on the skin. Happy viewing!

Timati tattoos

Perhaps the record holder for the number of tattoos is the rapper and businessman Timati. The artist admits that every image and inscription on his body carries a certain meaning.

Tattoos occupy more than 70% of Timati’s body. Even on the phalanges of the fingers, signs and symbols are engraved.

Timati's tattoos on fingers

It looks like tattoos are becoming the hallmark of rappers!

Celebrity tattoos Timati and Basta
In the photo – Timur Yunusov and Vasily Vakulenko (Timati and Basta)

Photo: Instagram Timati @timatiofficial

Basta’s tattoos (Vasily Vakulenko)

Basta Tattoos

Basta is a Russian rap artist, composer and producer with tattoos on both forearms.

Basta's tattoos on the arm

Photo: Instagram Basta @bastaakanoggano

Yegor Creed’s tattoos

Yegor Creed tattoos on the shoulders and arm

Yegor Creed admits that he got his first tattoo at the age of 14! Today, the favorite of the female audience is 22 years old, and the number of tattoos on the body has increased significantly.

Yegor Creed tattoos on the chest

Photo: Instagram Egor Creed @egorkreed

Djigan’s tattoos

Djigan's tattoos

Djigan, a famous hip-hop performer and professional athlete, is seriously into tattooing.

Djigan's tattoos

Photo: Instagram Djigan @iamgeegun

Nargiz Zakirova’s tattoos

Nargiz Tattoos

Nargiz Zakirova is the owner of extraordinary talent and extravagant appearance. Each Nargiz tattoo is associated with a specific event in her life, so the first one appeared after emigrating to America. “A tattoo is a diary of my life,” the singer admits.

Nargiz tattoos on the back

Photo: Instagram Nargiz @rocknnargiz

Roman Pashkov’s tattoos (“Degrees”)

Roman Pashkov's tattoos

The soloist of the group “Degrees” Roman Pashkov is the owner of a large number of tattoos and, it seems, has no plans to stop there!

Roman Pashkov's tattoos on the arm

Photo: Instagram Roman Pashkov @pashock_official

Bianchi’s tattoos

Bianchi's tattoos on the arm

The tattoos on the arms of the queen of the Russian R’n’B are not just a decoration.

Bianchi's tattoos on the arm

Bianca refers to tattoos as symbols that can influence life and bring good luck.
Photo: Instagram Bianchi @biankarnb

Tattoos of the Agon Group

Tattoos of the Agon Group

Former members of the Quest Pistols reunited and began developing a new group, Agon. The soloists of the shocking collective – Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goryuk and Konstantin Borovsky – are passionate about tattooing.

Tattoos of the Agon Group

Photo: Instagram of the group “Agon” @yo_agon

Garik Burito’s tattoos

Garik Burito's tattoos on the arm

Band’Eros musician Igor Burnyshev is actively involved in his own project – Burito. The artist admits that with the appearance of special images on the body, the internal state has changed. Garik Burito intends to develop a whole complex of tattoos for himself.

Tattoos Garik Burito sleeve

Photo: Instagram Igor Burito @garburito

Diana Arbenina’s tattoos

Diana Arbenina's tattoos

The leader of the “Night Snipers” group Diana Arbenina comments on the meaning of one of the tattoos on her arm as a symbol of faith. The phrase, engraved in Hebrew, in an approximate translation sounds like this: “Everything between us is still the same.”

Diana Arbenina's tattoos on the arm

Photo: Instagram Diana Arbenina @d_arbenina

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