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Tom Hardy got a tattoo “Leo knows everything”

Tom Hardy got a tattoo “Leo knows everything”

Tom Hardy bet Leo DiCaprio’s tattoo

Hardy had no choice but to get the tattoo designed by Leo, no matter how bad it looked. A dispute is a dispute! The British actor’s bicep now has the words “LEO KNOWS EVERYTHING“.

Is there anything more juicy than an argument between two objectively good-looking movie stars over where a tattoo is at stake?

Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio answered that question for us when the couple made a bet back in 2016 as to whether Hardy would receive an Oscar nomination for his role in The Revenant, where they co-starred with DiCaprio. Hardy believed that this would not happen, while DiCaprio was confident that it would. If DiCaprio was wrong, he would have gotten the tattoo of Hardy’s choice and vice versa.

In an incomprehensible way, DiCaprio chose the phrase “Leo knows everything” for Hardy’s tattoo. Two years later, the tattoo was finally made public: a photographer from San Francisco unwittingly captured a fragment of the tattoo in an Instagram post.

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