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Tom Hardy gets a tattoo in Leonardo DiCaprio’s handwriting

Tom Hardy gets a tattoo in Leonardo DiCaprio’s handwriting

This is a story with a happy ending, similar to the plot of the movie “The Survivor”: Tom Hardy revealed to Esquire that he was obliged to get a tattoo in Leonardo DiCaprio’s handwriting. Hardy played a cold-blooded trapper last year, unsure of the Oscars. While working on the picture, the actor did not expect to participate in the Oscar ceremony. DiCaprio, who had not yet won his first Oscar, thought differently. As a result, the actors made a bet: If Hardy is nominated for the award, then he will receive a tattoo handpicked by Leonardo. Otherwise, DiCaprio would have to cook his own skin. Despite the fact that Hardy ultimately lost the Best Supporting Actor nomination to Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spy, Tom bet a bet. Leo chose the phrase for the tattoo: “Leo knows everything.”

“He wrote those words in really crappy handwriting,” Hardy told Esquire. “I answered like this: Ok, I’ll do it, but you have to write the text without errors!”

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