Toha Ha: Thoughts on tattoos that were not included in the article (1 photo)

Toha Ha: Thoughts on tattoos that were not included in the article (1 photo)

… Whoever did this would deserve the worst criminal punishment, right? But, if young, still immature people were treacherously lulled to sleep with the lies of mass culture and, while they were not in themselves, inspired them that injecting ink into their skin is cool, isn’t this a similar criminal mockery of humanity ?!

2. A tattoo is like a song that you have to listen to all your life. And, in order not to go crazy with boredom, you will have to prick the following “songs”.

3. There were tattoos on the body of the addict Vasya. And each meant something. The skull and the knife meant that Vasya was afraid of everything, the names of the musical groups – that Vasya blindly follows the crowd, the swastika and three sixes – that Vasya is a degenerate, a bicycle wheel – that he is an idiot …

4. Tattoos are indelible dirt. The more THEM, the less YOU.

5. Tattoos are fascism, aimed at their own body, and propaganda of fascism, aimed at everyone who sees them.

6. There are only THREE persons interested in your tattoo. Tattoo artist to make money. A capitalist to tag his slave. And he has already made a tattoo so that he is not alone in being a fool. Where is YOUR personal interest here? Which of the three is worthy of you to ruin your skin forever?

7. From a distance, tattoos look like dirt. Close up is like a triumph of idiocy. You think: yo-my, but it would be better if you were dirty, washed – you would still pass for a man. And idiocy can no longer be washed away.

8. Master, tattoo my clear skin back!

9. Owners of tattoos have always been associated with the painted walls in the dirty alleyways.

10. A person with a tattoo is like a wall on which it is written in large letters: “FOOL”.

11. If I, an adult man, draw a skull or a flower on myself with a felt-tip pen and walk along the street like that, everyone will decide that I am a moron. But if I do the same with a needle and indelible ink, then it’s okay.

12. Anecdote:
– Mom, I want a tattoo!
– Well, as soon as you turn 50, fill it up right away.
– Why do I need a tattoo at 50 ???
– That’s it.

13. While I was writing the article, it hurt me: in Soviet times, people kept looking into the future, thinking about what writers would write about in the 21st century. About flights to Mars, about the victory of communism, about great science? And so he, the “writer of the future”, sits and discourages people from getting tattoos, drinking and inhaling poisons and watching degrading content. OFFENSE, KAPETS!

14. Tattoos are ink that crosses you out.

An article with a detailed overview of all the arguments on the topic of TATU:

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