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Tina Kandelaki’s tattoos

Tina Kandelaki’s tattoos

Tina Kandelaki is one of the most famous and professional Russian TV presenters. Tina, being already at a fairly mature age, looks dignified and still leads many men to admiration.

Tina Kandelaki at first became famous for her ability to quickly pronounce words. Basically, she was remembered thanks to the program “The smartest”, where children and young people took part in quizzes related to different topics.

The number of tattoos of the TV presenter is not large, and it is difficult to call them feminine, but for a star they have a certain meaning and semantic load.

Treble clef – Tina’s first tattoo is a sign resembling the image of a treble clef. The history of its origin is very interesting. In 2006, the TV presenter got into a terrible accident together with a well-known entrepreneur. After the accident, the girl wore gloves for quite a long time, which hid her hands. However, after a while, Tina revealed her new tattoo, which was located on the back of her left hand. The tattoo was made at the site of the burns – the consequences of that very accident.

This symbol can be interpreted as a musical sign. However, people who really understand the subject will say that there is more meaning in this image. There is a sign called Reiki on Tina’s hand. It is associated with the sun, the universe and energy. This sign allows you to heal yourself on a mental and emotional level, and can also put a block on the evil eye and slander.

This tattoo shows that Kandelaki is quite a believer and her faith in higher powers is confirmed precisely by the sign of Reiki or Cho – Ku – Rei.

“Mom” – the next tattoo of the TV star is made in the form of a hieroglyph from the Chinese language, which can be translated into Russian as “mom”. The symbol is executed in classic black and white colors in minimalism. The tattoo is made of very high quality, which speaks of its significance for the star.

As Kandelaki herself says, the second tattoo is much more important for her than the first. The tattoo symbolizes her love for her children. The girl herself believes that the most precious and intimate thing in her life is children. Tina expressed this point of view in this tattoo.

The hieroglyph is applied to the back of the thigh. Almost all the time it is hidden from prying eyes. This fact suggests that the presenter does not want to show her innermost. The TV star herself does not comment on this image in any way, the secret of the appearance and the motivation for creating this tattoo remains a mystery. Many fans are building theories about the appearance of this sign, but it is impossible to collect reliable information about it.

Tina Kandelaki's tattoos

As you can see, Tina Kandelaki does not have so many images on the body, but they are really applied for a reason, but have a sacred meaning. From the tattoos, we can say that Tina is a rather mysterious and serious person who attaches importance to symbolism.

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