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The star of the show “Dom2” removes tattoos with a laser

The star of the show “Dom2” removes tattoos with a laser

Former participant in the famous television construction site Aliana Ustinenko (Gobozova) decided to get rid of the tattoos on her body.

The girl intends to remove all drawings on her body after her divorce from Alexander Gobozov. Aliana decided to get rid of the tattoo on her body for religious and aesthetic reasons. On the shoulder of the star of the show “Dom2” is the name of Robert’s son, and on the lower back there is a tree with a massive crown and roots.

The star of the show

For laser information on the tattoo, the girl flew to her native Volgograd. Aliana shared this news with her followers on Instagram.


Tattoo removal. As you already know, I decided to remove all the tattoos on my body. Why? I will answer briefly: according to religious and aesthetic concepts. When I was young, I made them and thought it was cool and beautiful. I don’t think so now. Previously, a tattoo could only be removed surgically, leaving scars and so on … 😡 now is the 21st century! Innovation in everything! 😏 Can be removed easily and easily. Cool, yeah? 😻

In a salon in Volgograd, I started a laser lightening course πŸ”­ This method allows you to get rid of a boring tattoo forever! How? The laser penetrates the epidermis and “explodes” the pigment granule, breaking it into particles. All this is excreted from the body with lymph through skin regeneration 😊 My first tattoo will require 8 procedures, with a time interval of 1-1.5 months βœ‹πŸΎ

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