Temporary tattoo. Truth or lie?

Temporary tattoo.  Truth or lie?

From the very phrase, it is clear that this is a drawing that will disappear after a certain period of time. But when and how, many simply do not understand.

In the process of tattooing, the pigment penetrates the skin, the stratum corneum is damaged, which, while recovering, carries the pigment. This process takes 1-2 weeks, during which the drawing does not look very colorful. Temporary tattoo does not require damage to the skin – in fact, the paint is applied in a certain way directly “on” and not “under” the stratum corneum. For this, various “translators”, drawings with markers, etc. are used. Such pictures hold from one day to a week.


Tattoos, which by themselves are removed after a few years, are an absolute myth. Someone told someone something about them, but in fact, no one knows the person whose temporary tattoo magically disappeared, or the tattoo parlor where it was made. The only thing that is possible is that the drawing may lose its original brilliance after some time, but it WILL STAY WITH YOU FOREVER.

The takeaway from the above is simple: TEMPORARY TATTOOS ARE A MYTH

There is only one way to get a tattoo for a while – BIOTATU

Moreover, today they can be made both monochrome and colored.

If you want to get rid of an existing tattoo, then there is the possibility of either covering it with a new tattoo (cover-up) or removing it with a laser. The latter is a difficult and time-consuming process, you have to be patient.

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