Tattooing and getting a job

Tattooing and getting a job

Why are tattoos so popular right now, in the era of individual values ​​and the cultivation of feelings? Many people, regardless of gender, age and social status, decorate their bodies with incredible drawings. There are tons of different styles and themes to suit everyone’s needs and aesthetic tastes. Tattoos sparkle on the bodies of artists, athletes and bankers, but nevertheless, many people still tend to be biased and prejudiced about this. In this article we will talk about whether it is easy to get a job, being the owner of a stylish tattoo, in which areas it is better to work and where it will be problematic to get a job.

Tattoo stereotypes

Probably, every tattoo owner from time to time encounters various stereotypes in society. Phrases like: “How will you be in old age?” or: “How do you get a job” everyone heard in his address. The progress of human consciousness, however, does not stand still, and only individuals with a retrograde mindset can slow it down. In the heads of representatives of past generations, a tattoo is a sign of a criminal element or any other marginalized individual.

tattoo and work

All these stereotypes are far from the truth; First of all, a tattoo is a way of self-expression along with stylish clothes or jewelry, it also helps to hide scars or highlight the dignity of the body.

Tattoos and employment

Unfortunately, some employers may have a similar attitude. Often times, you may be refused a job due to tattoos in visible places. Closed clothing can solve the problem in most cases. Tattoos on the back, chest, abdomen can very rarely fall into the field of vision of others. Tattoos on the hips, ankles, shoulders and forearms can be covered with long sleeves and trousers. Thus, most tattoos remain inaccessible to prying eyes and are a personal matter of their owner.

tattoo and work

Tattoos on the face or fingers can be a serious problem in a career, since these areas are always in sight. Many people can be confused by both the content of such tattoos and the very fact of their presence.

Refusal to hire because of a tattoo can be both a whim of the authorities and a real need, for example, getting tattoos is strictly contraindicated for people working in organs, as well as models and actors, since hiding tattoos for filming is a very long process.

If you work with people in the position of a manager, consultant, or teacher, then if possible, give up tattoos on exposed parts of the body, as this can embarrass your employer and clients. But according to statistics, only 15% of job seekers are refused work due to the presence of tattoos. And then such drawings, as a rule, were of a criminal nature. Employers are usually much more loyal to images that carry only artistic value.

tattoo and work

If you work in areas related to culture and art, then there are usually no such high requirements for appearance and individuality is especially welcome! Musicians, artists, designers and other representatives of creative professions can safely decorate their bodies with a variety of drawings. Also, such problems will not arise for those who work from home and freelancers. Among other things, if you are a first-class specialist in your field, then they will most likely just close their eyes to your tattoos. Times and customs are changing for the better, so in the near future there will be much fewer problems with getting a job because of tattoos.

If you are in doubt that a tattoo can affect your career, then we recommend starting with an inconspicuous drawing in a place hidden from prying eyes.

tattoo and work

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