Tattoo care

Tattoo care

The experience and professionalism of the master has a huge role in the high-quality performance of artwork, but at the same time there is another, important factor – proper tattoo care! Just getting a tattoo competently is not enough. Only he guarantees that the clarity of the lines and the brightness of the work are preserved in their original form.

Neglect of the rules and improper tattoo care in the first days leads to a loss of the quality of the drawing, which requires mandatory correction. Do not forget that a fresh tattoo is a kind of small wound on the skin, so it is very important to follow all the recommendations of the master. Proper care guarantees not only the preservation of the tattoo, but also the most important thing – the safety of your health!

In our studio, only high-quality and hypoallergenic pigments are used, so a hypersensitive reaction to paint is excluded. For people prone to allergies, a tattoo will not be a contraindication. However, it is worthwhile to understand that if your skin is too sensitive, or there are any skin diseases, it is recommended that you always consult with your doctor.

The best innovative tattoo care!

Suprasorb F – unique, quick and easy tattoo care for busy and active people! This is a reliable solution, thanks to which you will get the fastest healing and amazing results, while spending a minimum of effort!

Transparent and weightless suprasorb F film – like a second skin, reliably protects the body from all known infections. It has a beneficial effect on the healing process of the tattoo and makes it comfortable and fast.

Why choose suprasorb F:

  • Immediately after tattooing and subsequent processing of the skin, the master applies a film that must be worn for three to five days.
  • Caring for a tattoo no longer requires absolutely no manipulation. There is no need to change the dressing and rinse the skin surface daily, which greatly facilitates care and healing. For working and busy people, this is an undoubted advantage.
  • The film is removed on its own and is very simple – you just need to steam the skin and carefully remove it.
  • After removing the film, the tattoo should be washed with antibacterial soap and lubricated with cream. It is recommended to apply the healing cream 1-2 times a day until the tattoo is completely healed.

Standard post-tattoo care:

  • Immediately after the end of the work, the master treats the skin surface with a special disinfecting solution.
  • Lubricates with cream and applies a bandage with a disposable absorbent diaper. In this case, we recommend using a special heile heile tattoo cream (made in Germany), which contains many special components that have a high effect of skin regeneration.
  • The above-described tattoo care in the first days should be repeated independently, every 3 – 4 hours, avoiding the formation of a “crust”.
  • Starting from the 5th day, the tattoo should be washed with mild antibacterial soap and lubricated with cream 1 – 2 times a day until complete healing.

If the tattoo has ceased to shine and peel off, this means that it has completely healed and further care is no longer required. During the first one and a half weeks, you should exclude steaming, visiting a bath, sauna, solarium, swimming in open water, and a long stay in the water. It is necessary to make adjustments for this period in your wardrobe: it is necessary to exclude direct contact with synthetic and woolen clothes (it is best to give preference to cotton fabrics).

Then you can lead a normal life, excluding exposure to the sun and a solarium for 1 month from the moment of tattooing.

Take care of the tattoo correctly, because its quality and attractiveness depends on this!

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