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Sophie Turner spoke about her favorite tattoos

Sophie Turner spoke about her favorite tattoos

The famous actress, who became famous for her role in the TV series Game of Thrones, said that she is a passionate fan of small tattoos with which she methodically covers her body. Naturally, some of the tattoos are dedicated to the most famous TV series, as it left an indelible mark on the soul of the beauty.

The girl has the coat of arms of the Starks on her fingers, and there are also several symbolic drawings that are significant for the owner herself. On the phalanx of her little finger, Sophie inscribed the initials of her grandfather. This man meant a lot in her life and, according to Turner, taught her a lot.

On the inside of the girl’s left forearm is the date of the day when she was approved for the role of Sansa Stark. A very unusual tattoo is a rabbit with a red antennae, which is located on the back of the right shoulder. However, what exactly he means, the girl is silent.

Turner spoke about her favorite tattoos

It is reported that the collection of the girl’s tattoos is constantly growing. But Sophie considers the most important tattoo to be the image of two triangles, the corners of which are crowned with the letters of the Greek alphabet. According to the actress, the tattoo suggests that our soul consists of three parts, according to Plato’s philosophy. It is worth noting that Sophie’s two brothers have similar tattoos, with whom she maintains a very close relationship.

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