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Show “Dancing”. Ayhan Shinjin’s tattoos

Show “Dancing”.  Ayhan Shinjin’s tattoos

Aykhan Shinzhin is a participant in the fourth season of the popular show “Dancing” on TNT.

Aykhan was born in Gorno-Altaysk, a city in the south of Western Siberia Russia. Now he lives and works in Moscow.

At the age of nine, Aykhan Shinzhin began dancing at the Altam School of Choreographic Art.


Shinzhin graduated from the Buryat State Choreographic School in the city of Ulan-Ude.


Later Aykhan worked at the Buryat State National Theater of Song and Dance “Baikal”, where he became not just a ballet dancer, but also a tutor and choreographer …


“My family is the first in the entire Altai Republic. My grandfather is the first writer, my aunt is the first ballerina. The blood of the first flows in me, ”the dancer proudly says about himself.

Ayhan Shinjin's tattoos

In 2011 Aykhan Shinzhin became the winner of the male beauty contest “Mister Buryatia” and won the title of “The most handsome man of Buryatia”.


Aikhan has many beautiful tattoos on his body.

: ornaments and roses on the sides

A massive Calavera skull with a snake, a compass, a clock and a tattoo inscription flaunts on the dancer’s shoulder. A horned beetle is stuffed just below.

tattoo photo

On the forearm there is a large, probably totemic, drawing with the letter “A” in the center and a cross on a chain.

: ornaments and roses on the sides of the tattoo

On the reverse side there are several multi-colored diamonds and tattoo-inscriptions in a beautiful font.

arm tattoo

The composition is united by the lyrics “Shine bright like a diamond”, the famous words from Rihanna’s song, which can be translated as follows: Shine bright like a diamond!

Shine bright like a diamond tattoo photo

On the back of Ayhan’s palm is the all-seeing eye, and on the fingers are the Mexican skulls of Calavera.

tattoo dancing on TNT photo

On the right side of the dancer there is a tattoo ornament of roses and patterns.

tattoo ornament of roses and patterns photo

Rose tattoo ends sooo low 🙂

side tattoo

On the left side of Ayhan, a crown with curls is stuffed.

Tattoo on the torso photo

There are also kissing tattoos on the left side.

shinjin tattoo

It is interesting that in the Altai language the name Aykhan is translated as “moon king”.

tattoo aikhan shinjin photo

“Dances” is a bright dance talent show, in which the best dancers from all over the country take part. Leading – Laysan Utyasheva. The project mentors are Miguel and Tatiana.

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