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Sergio Ramos made a mysterious tattoo of numbers on his arm

Sergio Ramos made a mysterious tattoo of numbers on his arm

Real Madrid fans can only guess what they mean.

A strange, slightly mysterious tattoo from the captain of Real, which will certainly appeal to fans of conspiracy theory.

About 10 years ago, many of us watched Lost. The plot of the film was about how a plane crashes on a desert island and many beautiful people are scurrying around their own misunderstanding. In the end, it all ended less than understandable – a strange road to the dungeons.

One of the biggest mysteries in Lost was the sequence of certain numbers (which, in the end, meant nothing at all).
Over the years, fans of the series were obsessed with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, because the regularity with which the number sequence appeared in the film left no doubt – some kind of mystery lies in them.

Now fans of the Spanish Royal Club can become similarly obsessed with the numbers 35, 90, 32 and 19.

Sergio Ramos hand tattoo

Why? Because the captain of the team, Sergio Ramos, recently decorated his brush with these numbers. “The numbers of my life are in solid color,” wrote the Spanish striker midfielder, along with an Instagram image. “Guess what they mean?”

In fact, any big fan of Sergio Ramos can probably guess the meaning of the tattoo on their own.

Ramos wore jersey numbers 32 and 35 when he played for Sevilla. He was 19 when he made his debut in Spain. And 90 (with a + sign) can refer to any club in which he played, meaning goals scored.
These are the most likely explanations that we admit.

Real Madrid CF v RC Deportivo La Coruna La Liga

But something tells us that there will be many other incredible explanations on the net …

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