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Sergey Prikazchikov from the Pizza group flew to Rostov-on-Don for a tattoo

Sergey Prikazchikov from the Pizza group flew to Rostov-on-Don for a tattoo

The musician started a large-scale cover-up of an old tattoo on his shoulder.

The leader of the Pizza group, Sergei Prikazchikov, shared on social networks a photo from a tattoo parlor, which captured the process of applying a new tattoo. The musician intends to “overlap” the old tattoo.

For the sake of this, you can fly to Rostov several times! Oleg @olegtattoo took on a very complex cover up. I have been planning it for several years. The shoulder, which once served as a canvas for novice tattooists who stuffed their skills on me, rejoices and rejoices)

Oleg Shepelenko from Rostov-on-Don, apparently, is also happy to work with Sergey Prikazchikov: the tattoo artist posted a photo with a comment about the upcoming trial.

One of the few musicians who are looking for quality!
And not for the speed of work … In both music and tattoos!
Thank you for your choice and trust, Sergey! @sergpizza
See you soon!

It should be noted that this is not the first joint work of young people. In December 2015, Sergey Prikazchikov shared a photo of a fresh tattoo with a portrait of Bob Marley, which was created for the artist by a Rostov tattoo artist.

Bob is now always with me) Oleg @olegtattoo, crazy cool! My hands are waiting for you)

sergey pizza tattoo

I wonder how Sergey Prikazchikov approached the search for a tattoo artist. In the fall of 2015, the musician posted a photo of Sylvester Stallone in the tattoo process on social networks, under which he posted a cry to find a tattoo professional.

Sylvester Stallone in the tattoo parlor

I am looking for the best tattoo artist for a large coverup. Your best job for me, you have a lot of money and PR. I know the degree of self-conceit of busy craftsmen. I also know about the existence of no less cool, but much less famous and busy. Write to me in Direct or in a personal FB. We need to help each other)

We wish Sergey a pleasant buzzing and successful healing! 🙂

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