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Scrooge Tattoo

Scrooge Tattoo

Scrooge is a Russian hip – hop artist and relatively new star under the Black Star label. Eduard Vygranovsky, like many rap performers, adorned his body with numerous tattoos. Some of his drawings are filled with seriousness and symbolism, while others – sarcasm and irony.


Above the left eyebrow of Scrooge is an inscription in English “Not Guilty”, which means “Innocent”. There is no need to explain the meaning of this tattoo.

Below the inscription is a dollar filled with two tears. This tattoo originates from the American gangsters and is very similar to their traditional one.

The other side of the face also has inscriptions. One of which denotes the name Edward – “Edy”, and the other is stuffed in the form of a cross with the wings of either a dragon or a bat.

The number “13” is depicted on the ear of the famous musician. The number is considered as a symbol of good luck and vice versa. The ambiguity of the number “13” attracts many people, and celebrities often choose it as their favorite.


The word “Hardcore” is engraved on the rapper’s brushes, the phrase can mean as the desire to work and keep a high pace of life, without breaking in difficult conditions.

Bones with a skull – the classic version of tattoos is also available on the musician’s hands.

On his right hand is the ironic phrase “Lucky Hand”, which the singer filled in honor of his hand, which in his childhood was constantly injured and broken. With a sense of humor, the musician is also doing well.

Another gangster theme comes up in Scrooge’s spider web tattoo on his elbow. In addition, the following symbols are stuffed on the hands: an eye, fonts and figures in the Gothic style, and the Statue of Liberty.

Scrooge Tattoo

Shoulders and back

An amazing tattoo, which is applied to both the shoulders and the back of Scrooge – wings. When a person spreads his arms, it seems that the wings are spreading along with them.

Scrooge Tattoo

Chest and belly

On the chest of the hip – hop performer is a deer head with antlers framed by various patterned figures.

Scrooge Tattoo

Scrooge has a crown symbol depicted on his belly. The crown, as it is not difficult to guess, symbolizes success, influence, exclusivity, superiority over others.


Another skull flaunts on the rapper’s lap. As you can see, Scrooge is very fond of the theme of bones and skulls. The skull is associated with life and death, so the musician gives this symbol a special meaning.

Scrooge's tattoos on legs


There is a street art tattoo on the neck and the inscription in English “Breaking Bad”, which means “Breaking Bad” in Russian. This inscription can tell us that Scrooge does not exchange little things and takes everything from life that he himself wants.

Scrooge's neck tattoos

As you can see from all of the above, Scrooge is a very interesting person by nature, attaching special importance to symbolism and not devoid of a sense of humor. Tattoos allow us to take a deeper look at his personality.

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