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Robbie Williams: Star Tattoos

Robbie Williams: Star Tattoos

Robbie Williams is a global star and a big fan of body art. The British singer-songwriter took to the music scene as a member of the pop group Take That. The popular boy group released several # 1 singles, including the hit “Back For Good”. Williams left the band in 1995 to pursue a successful solo career in England and around the world. Robbie’s best selling tracks were the hits “Angels”, “Millennium” and “Rock DJ”. The singer reunited with Take That in 2009 during the band’s big tour.

Robbie Williams has several tattoos on his body, one of which is a pagan Celtic cross on his right thigh. Many people wear the Celtic cross for protection.


Robbie has another cross – a tattoo on his right hand, it depicts Jesus Christ, angels and the Virgin Mary, and, presumably, is a religious tattoo.

march g

On the neck of Robbie Williams is the “all-seeing eye” of the Egyptian god Horus for protection from evil spirits.

On his left arm, Robbie has a large tattoo – a Maori sleeve. This is the indigenous New Zealand tattoo style. Previously, these tattoos were done by scratching the skin and scraping, but today they have become just a tattoo that is punctured with a needle. The tattoo is a series of gracefully rounded waves, symbolizing life’s twists and turns. This tattoo was done in the studio of Hank Schiffmacher, the famous Dutch tattoo artist.

Robbie williams nude

On his right shoulder, Robbie has a large lion with the words “Born to be soft” (instead of “Born to be wild”). There is another phrase above the lion: “Elvis, give me peace.” Two swallows on the belly stand for freedom and loyalty.

Robbie Williams foto

On Robbie’s chest there are French words “Chacun à son goût”, which can be translated as “There is no comrade in taste or color”.

robbie williams tattoos

On the lower back of Robbie Williams there are tabs, notes and lyrics from the famous Beatles song – “Is All You Need Is Love”.


On Robbie’s hand is the word “love” scattered over his fingers …

Robbie teaser

… and the phrases “I Love U” and “Mother” on the left and right hand.

tattoo robbie williams

Robbie Williams is very fond of Russia and recently announced that he is ready to represent the country at Eurovision. Since Ukraine is considering the possibility of refusing Yulia Samoilova’s entry to Kiev, where Eurovision 2017 will take place, Robbie has a real chance to sing for Russia! 🙂

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