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Pink admired the tattoo of a fan

Pink admired the tattoo of a fan

The singer was unable to pass by the stunning portrait tattoo on her fan’s arm.

Her rock style and passionate music have won legions of fans over the years. During a London promo tour, Pink met a super fan with a huge tattoo.

Pink, 38, was in for a little surprise during a visit to BBC Radio to promote her new album “Beautiful Trauma”. The star saw in the crowd a woman who had a huge portrait tattoo on her arm, and the American singer could not help but stop to take a joint selfie with a super fan.

Pink took a selfie with a fan

The tattoo is supplemented with the words “passion + pain that makes us live”, which are lyrics from the song “The Great Escape”.

Portrait tattoo with singer Pink

Pink was so happy with the tattoo that she later posted the photo on her personal Instagram.

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