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Pavel Priluchny’s tattoos

Pavel Priluchny’s tattoos

Pavel Priluchny is a Russian actor, producer, TV presenter. Pictures with his participation automatically become popular among viewers. Pavel has several tattoos on his body, some of which helped him become popular.


Paul’s first tattoo is a barcode. There is no deep meaning in it, but there is significance for the career of a young man. It was made for the role in the movie “On the Game” and reflects the hero – a gamer, who had the nickname “DOC”.

Pavel was sure that he would not have more roles in films, so he decided on a real tattoo. But, his opinion was wrong, and the barcode became his calling card.


The tattoo is made in the form of an inscription, located in a place hidden from eyes. The Latin phrase “Teneri nutu suo” is translated as keeping calm. The tattoo appeared after participating in the second significant project “Closed School”.

Pavel Priluchny's tattoo

The actor admitted that he has a quick-tempered character. In his youth, he often fought. With this inscription, he shows that he is ready to become a balanced person who assesses the situation, and then acts.


The actor’s left shoulder is decorated with a symbolic tattoo depicting a compass and a falcon. Such a sketch is made by people who are confident in their actions, they know where to move, how to develop.

In addition, a compass can mean that a person has experienced a certain event that changed him. Perhaps this influenced the revision of their previous foundations and the time has come to start a new life.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo on the shoulder

There is an “Eye” tattoo on the inside of the bicep. It refers to religious options, and describes its owner as a person who wants to associate himself with God.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo on bicep

The right shoulder also has a tattoo and some lettering. The largest one is made from the lateral part of the shoulder – it is “Family”. Inside the bicep are words, a poem. This tattoo is also known to belong to the family. Thus, Paul expresses the importance of loved ones in his life, that he will always appreciate and protect them from any adversity.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo on the shoulder


On the left side, in the area of ​​the heart, a cardiogram is filled. Several years ago, Paul developed heart problems that few people knew about. The attacks took the actor by surprise.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo on the shoulder

He decided to mark such an event with a tattoo. This is his own cardiogram and a reminder of the importance of life and health.


Pavel Priluchny has digital tattoos on his body. They are located on the right side of the ribs.

The first digital tattoo is associated with the birth of a son, the second with a daughter. The actor filled their dates of birth with Roman numerals. Thus showing their importance in his life.

Pavel Priluchny's tattoo on the ribs

Also, Pavel got a third tattoo – the date of birth of his wife (Agatha Mutsenice). At that time, he wanted to show his love for a person.


Pavel has a cross tattoo on his right wrist, which he did after the series “Closed School”. The actor admitted that it was this project that made him believe in otherworldly forces.

The Black Cross symbol is a talisman against negative attitudes from others. With the help of a tattoo, he feels the support of God, she helps to rise.

The “Cross” tattoo is chosen by people who are engaged in creativity, they are confident in their abilities. Also, a sketch can become a motivation for starting a new business.

Pavel Priluchny tattoo on the wrist

In another sense, “Cross” indicates suffering, because a parallel is drawn with Christ who was crucified and inflicted much pain. Such a symbol shows the imperfection of the world and man. Also, a symbol may indicate a person’s desire for development in the work area.


The family life of Agatha and Paul was filled with passion and love. Their relationship cannot be called harmonious, calm. Two creative people could not get along on the same territory.

The couple’s scandals more than once led to the fact that one of the partners talked about divorce. Agatha admitted that she often forgot the ring at home. Therefore, he and Pavel decided to fill the same tattoos on the ring fingers of the right hand in the form of a circle.

Pavel Priluchny's tattoo

Such a symbol can be personified with eternal love, attachment. But, the artists said that it is convenient and does not need to wear a wedding ring every time, which is constantly forgotten somewhere. This eliminates the possibility of loss.

After parting, Agatha interrupted a tattoo. This circle is still present on Paul’s finger.

Pavel Priluchny does not often talk about the meanings of his tattoos. Some make more sense to it, while others are an integral part of it (for example, a barcode). Soon the artist will have a new tattoo on his back.

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