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“Patimaker” Vitaly Pika makes a new tattoo

“Patimaker” Vitaly Pika makes a new tattoo

The author of the sensational hit “Patimaker”, the famous Rostov rapper Vitaly Pika shared a photo directly from the tattoo parlor.

Together with @anjelika_kartasheva and @ fabrik13_tattoo we collect junglebrothers zen puzzle 😉🔊 the machine is dancing on my hand💃🏻 Thanks to the Master for a confident start👌👶👌

Apparently, the musician intends to apply a tattoo sleeve of a certain theme on his arm, having assembled a puzzle from the inhabitants of the Jungle. Now a blue-eyed tiger flaunts on Vitaly’s forearm.

Tattoo artist Angelika Kartasheva from the city of Rostov-on-Don was engaged in tattooing for the hit singer “Patimaker”.


It is interesting that Vitaly Pika not only became famous with his hit about parties, but also entered the TOP of the most popular memes in Russia in 2016. The leader of the rating was the track “Patimaker”, the phrases “No money, but you hold on” and “Gratuti”.

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