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Paris Jackson is proud of her body tattoos

Paris Jackson is proud of her body tattoos

The art of tattooing will always be a controversy. Some love them, some hate them. I appreciate art. Especially when this art means something to me“- says the only daughter of the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson tattoos

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is actively present on social networks and often shares photo sketches of her unconventional life, bohemian posts and reflections on extraterrestrial projections of the human body in the third dimension.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram is replete with bonfires, flowers, symbols of peace and dyed tapestries. The 19-year-old actress encourages her followers to “give the world a chance”, shares photos of Buddhas, crosses, Egyptian deities, poems and tarot cards.

Paris Jackson is proud of the tattoos on the body of the tarot

There are also random photos that Paris posts for fun. For example, jackpot: Jackson topless drinking hot tea from rusty aluminum somewhere in the desert:

Paris Jackson is proud of her body tattoos

Paris Michael Catherine Jackson lets her fans and followers on social media know how much she loves the skin she is in by posting naughty photos.

Paris Jackson is proud of topless body tattoos

Recently, Paris posted a candid photo on her Instagram account: the heiress of the king of pop poses topless in gray Calvin Klein underwear, along the way, showing several tattoos.

Paris Jackson is proud of her topless body tattoos

Paris states that she has over 50 tattoos on her body, most of which she got last year. Many of her tattoo projects are dedicated to the legendary father and other equally eminent deceased musicians such as John Lennon, David Bowie and Prince.

Paris Jackson is proud of her body tattoos

In 2016, Paris made her forearm ink debut: the tattoo of her father’s multi-platinum album “Dangerous” 1989. The image shows Michael Jackson’s eyes in a whimsical frame of monkey, elephant and peacock.

In 2016, Paris made her forearm ink debut: the tattoo of her father's multi-platinum album

Young Jackson has a tattoo of energy centers folded from chest to navel: seven chakras in the colors of the rainbow.

chakra tattoo pictures

The California Star describes her many tattoos as a symbol of “strength” and her “dark past.”

paris jackson tattoo

One of the latest tattoos for Paris is a striped spoon on the elbow of her left arm, which she filled in July with her godfather, actor Macaulay Culkin.

Paris tattoo photo

The daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson always willingly shows tattoos to fans on social networks from different angles, however, comments on publications Michael Jackson’s daughter, followed by 2 million people on Instagram, prefers to turn off comments …

Paris Jackson tattoo photo

But, in addition to freedom-loving publications and provocative photographs, Paris often shares her thoughts about her departed father. So, for example, on August 29, the girl wrote a very touching appeal to Michael:

Today is the birthday of the love of my life, the only person who showed me true love, gave me solid support and taught me to dream. I can never feel such love as for you, you are always with me. And although I am not you, and you are not me, with all my heart I know that we are one. And our souls will never change. Thanks for your magic forever and ever

Michael Jackson and Paris photos

Paris Jackson is an American actress, daughter of legendary artist, king of pop Michael Jackson and his second wife Debbie Rowe.

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