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Olga Buzova’s tattoos

Olga Buzova’s tattoos

Olga Buzova is a famous person whose life is watched by more than 20 million people. For these people, she is an example of how to achieve their goals. Fans are interested in any little things of their idol, they repeat her image – they do the same hairstyle, dye their hair the same color. They also pay attention to star tattoos, their meanings.


The first tattoo appeared in 2010. Since childhood, she dreamed of drawing on her body, but decided on this only at the age of 24. During this period, she was already a well-known person, behind her was participation in the project, and then work as a presenter. She served as editor-in-chief of the World of Reality Show. House 2″.

The tattoo, in the form of 5 stars, is located on the lower part of the right leg. For a long time, Olga did not disclose its meaning, which led to numerous versions. It was believed that the drawing symbolizes the success and rich life that Buzova received from the popular project. She has achieved popularity, love of fans, can afford an expensive vacation in the best hotels. But, all these versions were wrong.

In one of the interviews, the girl let it slip, noting that the tattoo is a reminder of the goals that need to be achieved. Relaxation on this path is not allowed, you must make every effort for great success. At the same time, she did not disclose which peaks she wants to take, so as not to frighten off luck.

Buzova noted that she was tattooed by a famous master from America, who worked with the stars of her country – Angelina Jolie, Pink. For the sake of working with Olga, he personally came from New York to Moscow.

Some journalists saw a magical symbol in this tattoo, which, in their opinion, helped the girl achieve popularity. Buzova did not comment on this assumption.


Buzova has tattoos on both wrists, they were made for the sake of love, but at different times and for different partners. On the right hand are drawn two letters “O” and “D” – Olga and Dmitry (former husband).

It looks like an interweaving of two names, lives and destinies. Thus, Buzova responded to the tattoo of a young man who stamped the girl’s name and the date of their wedding on his arm.

Olga Buzova's tattoos on the wrist

According to the girl, she thereby wanted to show tenderness and love for her husband. Olga did not fill in the numbers, believing that they would look rough on a woman’s hand.

After parting, Dmitry remade the drawing for an hourglass. Olga did not get rid of the “reminder” of her former relationship. She still has a tattoo on her arm, but she hides it under bracelets and bandages.

The left wrist has an infinity sign. The tattoo was made recently and refers to Olga’s real relationship with David Manukyan, the same drawing is on the young man’s hand. The difference is that Dawa filled the girl’s name and enclosed it in his heart.

Olga Buzova's tattoos on the wrist

The sign is commonplace, but the couple thus characterized their love for each other.


The tattoo on the back is made in the form of a beautiful inscription – “Love lives in my heart”, which translates as “Love lives in my heart.” This is the second tattoo of a girl made during her relationship with Dmitry Tarasov. Olga wanted to show her love and devotion to this person.

For a long time, fans and journalists could not figure out the inscription, because the girl hid her. Olga independently revealed the meaning of a tattoo for her fans.

Olga Buzova's tattoos on the back

This tattoo also remained after parting with Tarasov. Now it is interpreted not as a declaration of love for one person, but as a girl’s ability to express feelings. Many people note Olga’s vulnerability, sentimentality and romance, and the inscription on the back only confirms this. Love always lives in her heart, whether there is a partner nearby or not.

Olga Buzova’s tattoos are dedicated to two main things in her life – work and love. She can completely devote herself to a new business or relationship. The first tattoo was done at a conscious age. It is worth noting that all the drawings on Olga’s body have been preserved. It does not matter at all what happens in relations with the people to whom these inscriptions were dedicated. I had enough strength to step over emotions and not touch the beautiful works, cover them, clean them up.

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