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Niletto tattoos

Niletto tattoos

Niletto (Danil Prytkov) is a Russian performer of songs, a participant in the Songs show on TNT and the Russian Ninja project on Channel One. The musician’s body is covered with many tattoos. Let’s take a closer look at each tattoo and find out their meaning.

Snowflake on the neck

One of Danila’s most famous tattoos is a snowflake on his neck. The musician himself calls it “exemption from office work.” In the snowflake there is Runa Teivaz, which means that the performer is not afraid of any difficulties in his life and is ready to steadfastly cope with them.

In Slavic myths, a snowflake was compared to loose white flour. It was believed that the ground grain fell from the sky like a snowflake, but it all stopped when the woman used a piece of dough not for its intended purpose. Ancient Greek scholars spoke of snowflakes in stories about the Scythian lands to the north.

It is believed that a snowflake stuffed on a man’s body means his impeccable ideality. Those people who have a snowflake full are considered to be impeccable, kind and possessing a lot of virtues. Such a tattoo allows you to draw attention to yourself, as it looks stylish and original.

The snowflake around the neck allows you to emphasize the uniqueness of the musician’s nature. In addition, the snowflake on the neck demonstrates a romantic character, the ability to teach oneself perfectly, and also not to succumb to unpleasant life circumstances.

In addition to the rune, there are a few more tattoos on the musician’s body.

Chest tattoo

“Army of Good” – a large-scale tattoo of the artist, located on the chest. The musician claims that he included his favorite characters from animated films into his own “army”. Ninja Turtles and Optimus Prime can be found here. The drawing is made in the style of “realism” and so far has a black and white color. Danil assures that soon he will give color to a large-scale tattoo.

Niletto tattoo on chest

Tattoo on arm

Characters of animated films are located not only on the musician’s chest, but also on the right hand. Here is Naruto – the hero of the anime of the same name. There is no sacred meaning in such tattoos, they just say that the musician loves the heroes of these animated films. There is also a tattoo on Niletto’s earlobes.

Tattoo Niletto

On the other hand of the artist there is a bass clef, which speaks of his musical hobbies.

Tattoo Niletto

Tattoo on torso

On the singer’s torso there are stars on each side, and on the belly is the inscription “rapid growth”, which translates as “rapid growth”. The inscription is made in Gothic script.

Tattoo Niletto

The musician’s mother has nothing against her son’s tattoos. She supports his interests. The mother also has 2 tattoos: a butterfly on her back and a flowering twig on her leg. Mom doesn’t like only one tattoo of her son – a snowflake.

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