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Morgenstern Tattoos

Morgenstern Tattoos

Alisher Morgenstern is currently the most popular rap artist and blogger, distinguished by his extravagance and increased attention to his person. He became famous thanks to the project “Easy Rap”, in which he ridiculed rappers and their work. The latest album “Legendary Dust”, recorded at the studio of beatmaker SLAVA MARLOW, which he met in the summer of 2019, became the artist’s most listened and anticipated album. The album was recorded in 1 week on air.

In the penultimate video, Morgenstern said that he received 12 million rubles for him. With this money, he bought a new Cadillac. The latest single that fans have been waiting for is dedicated to this purchase. A post appeared on the blogger’s instagram, in which he announced the date of the new track.

Morgenstern is the blogger’s real surname, which fits perfectly as his nickname. Also called his channel on Yotube and a creative pseudonym. He began recording the first tracks and clips at the age of 12.

A large part of Alisher’s image is made up of his tattoos. They will be discussed in the article.

Face tattoos

  • “666” (1)… The wildest tattoo that immediately riveted attention is the three sixes above the left eyebrow. On the Urgant show, Morgenstern said that she is often confused with the letters “GGG”. The rapper himself spoke positively about this, and Urgant jokingly pasted the number “5” instead of the last six. This meeting was just at the time of the release of the new album “Legendary Dust”, which was recorded live for 1 week.

In some videos, Alisher talked about the history of this tattoo. He made it in order not to work. “I made it so that I would never be hired for a regular office job. But I didn’t have any ideas for a sketch, so I chose three sixes, ”says the artist. This feature has riveted attention to the blogger. In no time, it took off and got its first million subscribers in a couple of months.

The sketch itself was made in Gothic script. Immediately after that, he went to his mother and showed her this tattoo. She reacted calmly enough and supported her son, despite his expectations.

  • “Sheet music” (2)… Another tattoo on the face – notes. This time, too, on the forehead, but on the other side of the face, just below the hair. He did not say anything about her, because she did not rive the attention of his fans so much.
  • Spiked Ball (3)… The last third tattoo was under the eye on the cheek. This sketch was not chosen by chance. Alisher had a spiked ball-shaped chain that was recently gifted to one of the fans. Before that, according to the blogger, she was stolen.


On the neck are the inscriptions “Good” and “Truth”. The only thing that can be added about them is an interesting font that cannot be precisely defined. Most likely, Alisher invented the writing style himself. In one of the videos, he himself said that each letter was individually written by him personally.

Morgenstern Tattoo on Neck


The most voluminous tattoo is located on the chest. This is a whole composition, which includes a skull, barbed wire, pineapples, etc. The tattoo itself is very bright and has many colors from the color palette.

Morgenstern chest tattoo


There are several tattoos on the left forearm – drawings of flowers, skulls, ribbons. Style is neotraditional. Part of the sketch goes to the hand. The drawing was made the very last in a row. Alisher wanted to fill his hand just like that, according to him.

On the right forearm, another tattoo is a guitar engulfed in blue flame. Just below the skateboard and the chain that wraps around it. Most likely, this is due to the fact that as a child, Morgenstern was a skater for a very long time and had his own mini-ramp at his dacha. The guitar is the second hobby. As a teenager, he played in a rock band and even his first album, Before He Got Famous, was in the punk rock genre.

Morgenstern tattoo on the arm

Alisher said almost nothing about his tattoos. Therefore, there is very little information about them. In one of the videos of Yana Topless, he shared his desire to take tattoos off his face.

Interesting facts about Alisher’s tattoos

  1. The first tattoo – a skateboard on the forearm was filled at the age of 16. At first he did not show her to his mother, but she treated her calmly.
  2. “666” – the tattoo, which took the least time. It took the master literally 15 minutes to finish filling it.

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