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Mickey Rourke tattooing in Beverly Hills

Mickey Rourke tattooing in Beverly Hills

The torso is bald!

The 65-year-old star is not going to give up the position of a sex symbol. In early October, the former professional boxer underwent rhinoplasty and stated: Now I’m “pretty” again …

And as if to confirm the words, three weeks later, Mickey showed up in Beverly Hills in all its glory!

Mickey Rourke photo 2017

The American film actor and screenwriter was walking with headphones on.

Mickey Rourke photo 2017

Former husband of Vogue supermodel Carrie Otis rocked the streets of Los Angeles and the next day, the next day, the appearance of a sweater, casually buttoned halfway, revealing again the actor’s tattooed torso. The look was complemented by tight blue jeans with a leather belt.

Mickey Rourke actor photo

In recent years, the movie star and retired boxer has received so much attention for his appearance and it seems that the retirement classic is not on his plans.

Mickey Rourke Photos Fitness 2017


The former boxer has tribals, crosses, skulls, swallows, fleur de lis (heraldic lily), wild cat, Carre Forever inscription, the name Joe, flame and an owl with a crown.

Mickey Rourke tattoo pics

Actor Mickey Rourke (65) has played an important role in a series of successful action films such as ‘Sin City’, ‘Betta Fish’, ‘Buffalo 66’, ‘Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy’, ‘Angel Heart’. In 2009 he received a Golden Globe for Best Actor in the film ‘The Wrestler’.

mickey rourke in the ring photo

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