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Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox is an American actress and sex symbol of the film industry. The girl became famous for her numerous roles in multi-million blockbusters, such as: Transformers, Jennifer’s Body and other films.

The actress is considered one of the sexiest women in the world, and beautifully stuffed tattoos are vividly combined and complement the image of a sexy brunette.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the most famous images on the body of Megan. The great actress is stuffed on her right forearm. Merlin – was the idol of the brunette since childhood, she admired her character, dedication and wanted to achieve the same fame. At the age of 18, Monroe’s face was full, but at the moment the tattoo is being reduced by a laser. Megan’s opinion about Merlin has changed. “She was a negative person,” Fox said in one of her interviews.


A Chinese character for strength is depicted on the brunette’s neck. In addition to defining the hieroglyph as – strength, it can be characterized by such words as: steadfastness, reliability and steadfastness. The image is located on the back of the neck, so it is only visible when the actress herself wants to show it. The meaning that this hieroglyph carries is most likely associated with the character of the actress.

Megan Fox Tattoos

Back tattoo

On the back of the celebrity is a quote from William Shakespeare from King Lear. The inscription is made in Victorian style in the area of ​​the shoulder blade. In Russian, the quote translates as: “We will all laugh at the gilded barrels.” This tattoo can show us Meghan’s attitude to culture, art and the modern world in general.

Megan Fox Tattoos

Yin Yang

A newly created tattoo that most resembled a Buddhist symbol of harmony, the beginning of all things and balance. According to the actress, this tattoo did not quite meet her quality requirements.

Megan Fox Tattoos


One of the most mysterious tattoos on Megan’s body. It is applied to the inner side of the ankle of the right leg. The tattoo depicts a blue-violet star and an orange-red crescent. The moon overlaps the star and the two elements form an overall composition that looks very harmonious. This tattoo is the only color image on Fox’s body.

Many questions remain about the meaning of this image. Fans of the actress are theories one after another, but the girl herself does not give official comments on this issue. The meaning of the Islamic symbol remains secret.

Megan Fox Tattoos


The name “Brian” is inscribed on the lower abdomen of the actress. Brian Oscar is the girl’s first love, apparently in this way she decided to perpetuate the memory of this. The style of the lettering is handwritten. It is worth noting that the tattoo in this place is applied with the accompaniment of hellish pain, since the place is quite tender.

Megan Fox Tattoos


On the other side of the Shakespeare quote – on the right side is a quote from another great writer and philosopher of the past, Friedrich Nietzsche. In Russian, the quote is interpreted as: “The dancers seemed crazy to the one who could not hear the music.” The actress also does not comment on this tattoo, although there are opinions that the tattoo was made in honor of the famous American actor – Mickey Rourke.

Megan Fox Tattoos


On the left side of Megan’s chest are the words: “Once there was a little girl who never knew love until the boy broke her heart.”

Megan Fox Tattoos

In conclusion, we can say that Megan Fox is a creative and versatile person who, in addition to everything, has a lot of mysterious and mysterious, emphasizing this with tattoos. This is what add a plus to the sexuality, desirability and relevance of the actress.

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