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Max Barskikh. Singer tattoos

Max Barskikh.  Singer tattoos

Max Barskikh is a Ukrainian singer, composer and songwriter, very popular in Russia. Max has tattoos on his body, which the artist gives a lot of meaning. On the bicep of the left hand there is a trademark – a heart in rings, which, crossing, form the letter “X”, the most significant in the English spelling of the artist’s name.

The tattoo in the form of a heart in iron rings is my symbol, because it was with the song “Heart” that my musical career began three years ago, explains Max Barskikh’s choice of drawing.

max barskih

Max Barskikh published a status on social networks that read: “Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts”, which translated into Russian means “Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with ink of our hearts.”

max barskih

The second hand of Max Barskikh is “hammered” on a much larger scale.

max barskih

From the shoulder to the artist’s toes – a monochrome painting with the moon, trees, girls and an eye on the elbow.

Max Barskikh tattoo

The natural plot of the tattoo is complemented by mystical elements, which probably has a certain sacred meaning for the singer.

max barskih

I cannot voice most of my thoughts. Many of them will seem extreme to society.

max barskih

Reality is solid black and white cinema. Intermittently for color ads. An ad advising you to buy a little memory in your short memory. It will wear off over time.

Max Barskikh bw photo

Recently Max Barskikh celebrated his birthday: twice on stage in Kiev and Odessa, and after that he organized a private party, the guests of which were the artist’s closest friends and stage colleagues – the soloists of the VIA Gra group and Alan Badoev’s muse Tayanna.

My mother loves to say that she gave birth to me on March 8 – as the most important gift to herself. I am grateful to her for life and, in her face, I thank every woman – for the love with which they dilute the male world.

The singer is known for a large number of striking hits. TOP-3 of the most listened to songs by Max Barskih on the Yandex.Music portal looks like this:

1. Fogs
2. Girlfriend Night
3. I will ask

In the spring Max Barskikh will go on a large-scale international tour “Mists”, the final chord of which will be a big solo concert at the Kiev Sports Palace.

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