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Linkin Park tattoos

Linkin Park tattoos

Linkin Park is an American multi-platinum rock band founded in 1996 under the name “Xero” and performing music in the styles of alternative metal, rap metal, alternative rock, electronic rock and pop rock.

On July 20, 2017, the vocalist of the group died. Chester Bennington was found dead at his Los Angeles home. The musician’s cause of death was suicide by hanging. Bennington left no suicide note.

Existing as Linkin Park since 2000, the group has been nominated six times and has won two Grammy awards. Such popularity of the musical group could not but find its reflection in tattoo art. The band’s fans leave Linkin Park in their souls and bodies forever …

Photo: Linkin Park Tattoos

Two months before Chester’s death, a new video “Linkin Park” was released with the telling title “Good goodbye“. Undoubtedly, the most popular video of the group is the clip Numb, which has gained 582 million views on YouTube.

Video: Numb (2007) – Linkin Park

Chester Bennington was a big tattoo fan and co-owner of Club Tattoo. On his body are tattooed: a Hybrid Theory soldier on his right calf, a green dragon on his left, red-blue flames on both forearms, a Japanese carp on his right shoulder, PISCES (his zodiac sign) on his left shoulder, a black creature on his back, green a yellow dragon on the right collarbone, a wedding tattoo on the right little finger, a dragon on the back, a pirate skull on the left elbow, a fancy flower on the right elbow, the inscription “CB * TB” (Chester Bennington * Talinda Bentley) on the chest, just below – the initials of all children, everything is united by one pattern, the Linkin Park inscription on the lower back.

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