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Lewis Hamilton’s new tattoo

Lewis Hamilton’s new tattoo

Formula 1 drivers are very famous personalities who are loved and respected all over the world. And, definitely, most of us know who Lewis Hamilton is. But despite all the achievements of this pilot, he was remembered by many also due to the fact that he is considered the most tattooed participant in famous races. According to unofficial information, there are at least 12 tattoos on his body.

Now there is information that the famous Englishman, so fond of speed, has replenished his collection of tattoos with one more. It is depicted on the left hand of the rider. There is no doubt that this is a new tattoo. Firstly, journalists did not notice it before, and secondly, a protective film is still visible on the tattoo itself. But it is glued specifically in order to speed up the healing of the skin area in the first few days after tattooing.

The racer himself has not yet commented on his new underwear. But, it is obvious that the intricate interweaving of symbols that converge in the six-pointed Star of David definitely carry some semantic load.

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