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Ksenia Borodina’s tattoos

Ksenia Borodina’s tattoos

Ksenia Borodina is a popular TV presenter and star of Russian television, as well as a former participant in the sensational television project “Dom – 2”

Tattoos have long become commonplace for show business stars, Borodina has also become no exception and has several tattoos on her body. However, Xenia has become a pioneer and trendsetter in a certain area of ​​writing on her body.

Dolphin and feather – the first tattoo of a TV presenter was a cheerful, frolicking dolphin, which she filled a long time ago. The future celebrity decided to get her first tattoo when she turned 18. The image of a dolphin appeared on the girl’s left leg. As a rule, this mammal symbolizes such qualities as: openness and kindness.

Later, the drawing of the dolphin was covered by a feather.

“Marusya” – 10 years after applying the first tattoo, Borodin decided to fill the second one. The inscription on the hand of the TV presenter means the name of her first daughter Maria. Borodina became the first who decided to get a tattoo with the name of her child on her body. Many stars began to repeat this action.

As the girl herself says, at first, she wanted to fill the name of her first husband, because many stars make paired tattoos with their lovers. Refusal from this became a plus for Ksenia, since she still divorced her husband, but a great place for a new name remained.

The tattoo “Marusya” is made in Latin letters and is important for Borodina, as it perpetuates the memory of such a wonderful event as the birth of a child.

Ksenia Borodina's tattoos

In 2016, the TV presenter shared a new tattoo sketch on her social networks. Not so long ago, the girl had a second daughter, Theona.

Ksenia Borodina's tattoos

As you can see, Ksenia is a person who believes that children are sacred. But it’s true, having filled the name of our husband or loved one, we can lose it. After all, it is far from a fact that a person will stay with you forever. With children, the opposite is true – they are eternal and connected with you. Borodina showed originality and her tattoos are among the top most beautiful on the body of Russian stars.

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