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Kirill Nagiyev: “Tattoo is the art of pain!”

Kirill Nagiyev: “Tattoo is the art of pain!”

Kirill Nagiyev is a theater and film actor, TV presenter, DJ and, according to Kirill himself, a racer, traveler and lover (RIDER | TRAVELER | LOVER). The young man is familiar to viewers, in particular, from the TV series “Prince of Siberia” and the project of the TV channel “Friday” “Revizorro-show”. Of course, the young actor received considerable fame from his parents: radio host and writer Alisa Sher and popular TV presenter, showman and actor Dmitry Nagiyev.

Kirill is fond of all kinds of extreme sports: snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, etc. Perhaps that is why his body is adorned with many tattoos. In a way, tattoo is no less extreme art! The title photo shows the process of working on another tattoo in the studio of Alexander Klinovkin “Paintkillers” in St. Petersburg.

“Something we have become frequent … the art of pain!”

The young man’s right shoulder is decorated with the symbol of the sun, the left forearm with the Vedic symbol of the original mantra Om (or Aum).

On the right side of Cyril is a surreal shark with a tree growing from its back, under the crown of which a man sits. On the right forearm there is a Catholic cross (the same as that of his father – ed.), According to rumors, the entire Nagiyev family is experiencing a craving for Catholicism, and these crosses are a vivid confirmation of this.

Nagiyev tattoo

On the back of Cyril there is a Latin aphorism made in the Gothic style: “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” (Fate helps the brave).

Nagiyev tattoos

On the chest – twin swallows in the classic OldSchool style, on the left shoulder – the face of the Madonna.

Nagiyev tattoo

The artist’s fingers have minimalist tattoo symbols (planet and rocket).

Nagiyev tattoo

Kirill Nagiyev’s tattoos are quite unusual, but perhaps everything is explained by the excellent artistic taste and talent of the artist himself. In the photo, Kirill takes part in the street art of the popular Hood Graff Team, dedicated to one of his father’s characters in the television series Beware, Modern 2! Zinaida Traktorenko.

Nagiyev tattoo

Photo: Instagram @kirill_nagiev

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