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Julia Wang’s tattoos: symbols and mysticism of tattoos

Julia Wang’s tattoos: symbols and mysticism of tattoos

Julia Wang is a bright personality, the winner of the 15th season of “Battle of the Psychics”. Julia herself characterizes herself as follows: the Daughter of the Morning Star, part of the Abyss and Chaos and just supernatural Lucifer.

Wang was born in 1981 in Latvia, and when she reached the age of 16, she began an independent life. At the age of 17, Julia moved from Riga to Moscow. The unique appearance helped the girl to achieve great success in the modeling business. In addition, Wang has an acting education from GITIS, and a diploma in stylistics, design, photography from the London Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Now the famous sorceress is passionate about the production of her own perfume collection.

Julia Wang on trial

Julia Wang on tattoos

Before participating in the popular show “The Battle of Psychics”, Julia did not have tattoos, since the girl was engaged in a modeling career, where drawings on the body are highly undesirable.

Julia Wang in black

The mysterious and unique Julia is reluctant to talk about her tattoos, which, however, does not prevent us from examining the drawings on Wang’s body in order to understand their main meaning.

I cannot tell you the meaning of all my tattoos. But, for example, I have the Tarot ray arcana – the moon and the star. There is an eye of Horus (or Ra), in one of my lives I was a priestess of the Ra cult.

Julia Wang

A psychic from Latvia, a bright and controversial TV show participant, commented on her participation in BE:

I have no problems in terms of self-realization, as, probably, everyone has already broken through in Google. And I don’t care about this mortal world, i.e. nude fame and PR. I could say that I want and dream to become a winner, but I don’t know how to lie, I will tell the truth. My participation in BE is not related to PR in the field of esotericism or magic. It is only a matter of life and death in this incarnation of me. I just know how to see and change the versions of reality, which I did to those who contacted me. And I came to BE in order to change my reality and, perhaps, not only my own.

Julia Wang’s tattoos

On the witch’s hand is a tattoo – Icelandic galdrastav. These magical rune-like symbols, which appeared in the early Middle Ages in Iceland, are several intertwined runes. Such a tattoo serves as a talisman.


Runic staves are designed to achieve victory, enhance the gift of clairvoyance, are designed to enlist the support of the secret forces of Icelandic magic and protect themselves from the energetic influence of ill-wishers.

runic becoming

Julia’s right arm is tattooed with a rose with arrows pointing down.


Wang shared a photo from the tattoo session, however, the meaning of the tattoo did not reveal.

wang tattoo

On his left hand, Wang has a tattoo of the Arcanum of the Moon.

lasso of the moon

Eccentric and bright Julia Wang appeared in the project “Psychics are investigating” only once in 2016 and, unfortunately, no longer pleases fans with new episodes.

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