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In honor of Tina Karol got a tattoo

In honor of Tina Karol got a tattoo

Today a new photo published by Tina Karol has appeared on the pages of one of the social networks. The girl could not resist and decided to put on public display the hand of her fan. It depicts a very interesting tattoo, in which the singer herself is unmistakably guessed.

As it turned out, this is the hand of one of the most devoted fans of the Ukrainian celebrity, who decided to carry the image of a strong and independent beauty with her throughout her life. That is why she decided to put Tina’s silhouette on her forearm, decorating it with red roses.

It is noteworthy that Tina Karol herself got red lips on the tattoo, which exactly copies her image, to which she has been faithful for the past few years. Recall that Tina Karol herself is not an adherent of tattoos, while notes that she is extremely flattered by what the fans are doing for her sake.

Note that a similar tattoo has already been done by several of Karol’s fans.

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