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Guf Tattoos

Guf Tattoos

Many Russian and foreign stars decorate their bodies with tattoos. For some it is a way of self-expression, for others it is a reminder of a loved one, and for some, a tattoo serves as a talisman. The famous rapper, co-founder and member of the CENTR group Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) is no exception. Each tattoo of the artist has its own meaning and theme: some remind of how he fought drug addiction, others are made in honor of loved ones. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Love for the capital

The capital of Russia plays an important role in the life of the performer. In Moscow, the performer was born, grew up, became addicted to drugs and got rid of this addiction, met Aiza, the girl who changed his life, and began to develop as a rap artist. That is why tattoos dedicated to Moscow occupy a large area of ​​the rapper’s body. In addition, most of the musician’s tracks are devoted to Moscow and the Moscow districts.

The word “Moscow” can be seen on the performer’s neck, and seven famous Moscow skyscrapers are located across the entire width of the back. In the first session, the performer filled them schematically, but over time, the skyscrapers were enlarged and painted. Add clouds to them.

Gufa tattoo scheme of the Moscow district of Zamoskvorechye

On the right side – a diagram of the Moscow district of Zamoskvorechye.

Guf tattoos

Guf chose the image of Zamoskvorechye for a tattoo for a reason: this truly ancient district of Moscow is his favorite. Alexey Dolmatov spent most of his youth in Zamoskvorechye, so he feels most comfortable here.

Meeting with Aiza and the birth of a son

Among the huge number of Guf’s tattoos, there was a place for those made in honor of his close people – ex-wife Aiza and son Sami. On the left side of the musician is a portrait of Aiza Dolmatova (nee Vagapov), next to her is a mysterious inscription.

Guf tattoos in honor of wife and son

On the inside of the right forearm, Roman numerals and letters are written, meaning the date of birth and the name of the rapper’s son. By the way, the birth of her son is also captured on the body of Isa – she wrote his name on her hand.

Guf tattoo roman numerals

After close ties with the guys from the Basta group, Guf filled his hands – from the elbow to the wrist – with various images, but their meaning remains unknown. On the musician’s left leg there is a portrait of an Indian, which, as Guf confessed, was made in honor of his beloved and written song “The Leader”.

Tattoos Guf the leader on the leg

Also on the leg is the phrase ONE LOVE VAGAPOVA, also made in honor of his ex-wife. The tattoo is paired: the same inscription, but with the surname of Alexei, flaunts on Aiza’s leg.

Tattoo Guf inscription ONE LOVE VAGAPOVA

What does “No” mean on Guf’s forearm

One of the first tattoos that Guf got on his right forearm was the word “No”. Over time, Alexey decided to get rid of the tattoo and filled a boombox (musical tape recorder) in its place. Later, the performer drew control buttons that music players have just above the tape recorder.

There are a lot of rumors around the “No” tattoo, but the performer does not admit what meaning it carries in itself. Many of his fans say that the word is an acronym – “drugs are eating you.” Some believe that these are the initials of his former lover.

Guf tattoo "No"

Guf tattoos on chest and shoulders

Guf is an independent artist and has a hip-hop label called ZM Nation. Its logo occupies the entire left side of the musician’s chest, above it you can see hands with a revolver.

Guf tattoo on chest

Below is the Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics sign. This mark is placed on discs where there are records with profanity.

On the chest is an ACAB tattoo, which expresses the rapper’s dislike of the police and stands for “All Cops Are Bastards” (“All cops are bastards”). A little higher is a tattoo in the form of a grenade, and above the collarbones – a sickle and a hammer with wings.

Guf tattoos on chest

An inscription with a star flaunts on the right side of the chest. In the abdomen, Guf wrote the word Addicted, which in English means “addicted”. It can be assumed that it was made in memory of Guf’s struggle with drug addiction.

Guf Tattoos

On his right shoulder, Guf decided to immortalize the heroes of his favorite movie masterpieces – “Scarface” by Brian De Palma and “Reservoir Dogs” by Quentin Tarantino. Here is a hero from Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather”.

Guf's godfather tattoo

The left forearm is occupied by a large studio microphone, surrounded by clouds and other small details. Next to the date of birth of his son, there is another inscription in Arabic, which means “hashish”. On the hand, closer to the left shoulder, you can also notice several phrases in Arabic, the meaning of which Guf is silent about.

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