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Fyodor Smolov’s tattoos

Fyodor Smolov’s tattoos

Fedor Smolov – Russian footballer, scorer of the RPL Lokomotiv team, currently plays for the Celtis club on loan. Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

Smolov showed himself excellently at the last world and European championships. Recently, the fashion for tattoos has entered the world of football. Many athletes do not leave their bodies without images, phrases and symbols. Smolov was no exception and made not one, but many tattoos.

As Fedor himself said, the first tattoo on his body appeared only at the age of 17, and his parents reacted violently to this. As we will see further, the first tattoo did not become the last, and by the age of 26, the football player had many new ones.

Brick wall

Fyodor’s chest is embossed with a brick wall with various graffiti-style inscriptions, as well as the year of birth of the popular athlete. On this wall the phrase “Faith” is written in English letters, which means “Faith” in English.

Smolov is very religious, so most of the tattoos are dedicated specifically to the football player’s attitude to God and faith.


The footballer’s arms are almost completely covered with tattoos that form “sleeves”. On the left hand of the footballer on the back there is an inscription “Love”, which translates as: “Love”. To whom this tattoo is dedicated cannot be reliably said, however, there are guesses that the football player filled an inscription in honor of his first wife, Victoria Lopyreva.

Fyodor Smolov's tattoo on the wrists


The prayer “Our Father” is engraved on the athlete’s shoulder. This tattoo also raises a religious theme and shows us that Fedor is a very religious person, moreover, an Orthodox one.

Fyodor Smolov's tattoo on the arm

A cross is stuffed on the opposite shoulder of Smolov, and next to it is an inscription in Hebrew.

Fyodor Smolov's cross tattoo on shoulder

“Jesus Christ”

On the left hand there is also a tattoo associated with a religious theme. It depicts Jesus Christ, and complements it with the phrase – “We are Russians, God is with us!” This composition indicates that, in addition to his religious beliefs, the footballer is proud of his people, closely linking topics such as religion and the Russian people.

An interesting fact happened with this tattoo when the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak conducted an interview with Smolov. A well-known journalist noticed this composition on the footballer’s hand, and he was embarrassed. Sobchak caustically remarked: “You were not ashamed to gouge out this tattoo, but you are ashamed to show it,” but the athlete said that tattooing is a personal matter for everyone.

In conclusion, we can say that the personality of Fyodor Smolov is very interesting, as evidenced by his numerous tattoos. Of course, the theme of religion comes to the fore, which gives us the right to say that an athlete has a special relationship to faith.

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