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Eshkere! Rapper Face Tattoos

Eshkere!  Rapper Face Tattoos

The Ufa rapper Face ranked sixth in the list of male names among the most popular Yandex search queries in 2017.

Face is the author of the popular tracks “Gosha Rubchinsky”, “Burger” and “I Drop the West”.

face rap tattoo foto

The favorite expression of the rapper Face “Eshkere” has become the most popular Yandex query in the “memes” category.

What is Eshkere?

The viral word “Eshkere” is an imitation of the crumpled phrase “let’s get it” by the American Lil Pump, which, when repeated quickly, transformed into Esketit. In Russian this set of letters sounds like “Eshkere” and means “Let’s get it”, “Let’s stir it up!”

Rapper Face Tattoos

In the spring of 2017, Face became the owner of several tattoos on his face.

face rap tattoo foto

Above the rapper’s eyebrow – the inscription Numb (numb, numb, dull), and under the eyes – the words Hate and Love, which in English means hate and love.

numb, numb, numb, numb

On the hands of the rapper Face – a scattering of small tattoos and tattoo inscriptions.

Face lettering tattoo

On the backs of the performer’s palms is written “Rock Star”, and on the fingers are tattooed sixes, a star, a guitar, a dollar and a cross.

rapper face tattoo singer

Slightly higher on the wrist – the inscription Love.

Face and Mariana Ro

Not so long ago, a rapper and a popular blogger surprised fans with numerous joint pictures.

face rap tattoo foto

face rap tattoo foto

face rap tattoo foto

face rap tattoo foto

face rap tattoo foto

The rapper Face spoke about the affair with Maryana in an interview with Yuri Dudyu.

Video: Face interview / vDud

00:28 Who is Face?
16:16 About “Escher”
20:24 Facial tattoos – how does it feel?
37:33 How Vanya met Maryana Ro
38:39 The most romantic date with Maryana

Rapper’s full name is Face: Ivan Dryomin
Date of Birth: April 8, 1997
Face’s growth: 186 cm

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