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Djigan’s tattoos

Djigan’s tattoos

Dzhigan is a Russian hip – hop performer, whose real name is Denis Ustimenko – Weinstein. Djigan gained real fame and popularity in the mid-2000s. The rapper has released a lot of albums and solo projects that have become famous among the rap industry. Denis even took part in Timati’s Black Star label for some time.

Like many rappers, Djigan adorned his body with numerous tattoos that have a different message and meaning. Each tattoo carries some meaning for the musician.


Year of birth – Many celebrities have started decorating their bodies with numbers marking their year of birth. Djigan was no exception and stuffed the numbers “1985” on his stomach.

“Inscription” – under the numbers, just below the navel, there is an inscription in English “Born to win”, which translated into Russian means: “Born to win.” This inscription symbolizes the dedication of Dzhigan and his will to win.

City. The rapper supplemented the composition with the image of the city, which is located from the year of birth to the motivating inscription. All three tattoos form a single picture that looks like a real work of art.


Another phrase is located on the rapper’s back, it is made in English on a scroll. Translated into Russian, the phrase sounds like: “Let there be light.”

Pyramid. A huge pyramid, reminiscent of the building of the ancient Indians, is located on the back of the musician. The sign “Eye of Ra” rises from the top of the pyramid. This tattoo has a more sacred and deeper meaning than all the others. Many believe that the pyramid with the eye is associated with the guy’s attitude to religion. The composition can be associated with words such as: mysticism, mystery. Some people generally stuff the eye of Ra as a tribute to the memory of something, but only Djigan knows the plan.

The pyramid itself can be interpreted as: stability, stability, focus on success.

Hands – the pyramid is held by a pair of hands, which the rapper filled last. Hands are associated with prayer, which also proves the religiosity of Djigan.

Djigan's taunts on the back


There are several more images on the singer’s chest.

Portrait. On the left side of the chest there is a portrait of a man with a hat. There is a hexagonal star on the hat. The rapper says that this tattoo has an image of a prophet, which explains the star on the person’s head. Putting a prophet on his body may indicate a person’s attitude and predisposition to religious movements, as well as the need for rapprochement with God.

Microphone – On the right side of the rapper’s chest is a tattoo of a hand with a microphone. It is not difficult to guess with this tattoo the musician wanted to say about his love for creativity, love for the word and openness to his audience. A hexagonal star is also located above the hand with the microphone.

Djigan's taunts on his stomach


Figures. Not so long ago, Djigan stuffed a tattoo with numbers on his arm. They are derived in the Roman way and indicate the date of birth of his son. Dzhigan’s wife, Oksana Samoilova, also made an inscription on her body in honor of the birth of a child, but she filled in the name. The star couple published the process of tattooing on their instagram pages.

Djigan's tauts

The rest of the tattoos on the rapper’s arms are associated with religion. The very first tattoo on the arm was the Star of David. It is located on the right, on Denis’s forearm. On the back of the same hand is the inscription: “God is always with me”, made in the Hebrew language. On this hand there is an image of the king of beasts – a lion.

The rapper has a horseshoe tattoo on his left hand, symbolizing good luck. The left hand is also filled with a pitble that stands in the ring. Djigan associates the dog with his past, when he was an athlete and boxer. Next to the pit bull is a symbol of wealth – a cornucopia. The cornucopia is usually stuffed to attract material wealth.

Djigan's tauts

According to the tattoos, we can say that Djigan is a rather versatile person who is quite religious, and he really puts a lot of meaning into tattoos.

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