Decided to get pierced? What is important to know

Decided to get pierced?  What is important to know

If you decide to decorate your body with piercings, or have already done so, then it is not at all superfluous, but rather necessary, to find out how to take care of the puncture site until it is completely healed. Depending on the type of piercing, the healing period takes from 1 month to half a year. The puncture site in the navel, nipples and ear cartilage heals for the longest time.

Proper care will help make this period shorter and more painless.

The first few weeks after piercing, lymph will flow from the hole. Every day 3-4 times you need to treat the puncture site with hydrogen peroxide, “Miramistin” or “Chlorhexidine”, carefully removing the lymph from the wound and from the surface of the pier. In this case, the pier (decoration) is not taken out, but turned. You should not remove the pierce inserted during the puncture until the wound heals.

Do not use alcohol-containing products for treating the wound!

To accelerate healing, you can also use ointments with a healing and bactericidal effect (for example, “Tetracycline” or “Lincomycin”).

For the first two weeks, you should not visit the bathhouse and sauna, swim in the pool and, especially, in the open water. When showering or bathing, try to protect the puncture site with a bandage soaked in ointment.

When piercing your navel, nipples, or genitals, be careful not to rub your clothing on the wound. Protect it with a bandage and wear loose clothing. The dressing must be dry and not blocking the air supply, that is, the plaster is excluded.

When piercing the tongue or lips, it is recommended to rinse after each meal with special solutions (potassium permanganate or herbal tinctures). Smoking and alcohol should be excluded. The first 4 hours after piercing the tongue, you cannot eat at all.

Full consultation on the care of the puncture site can and should be obtained immediately after the procedure from a specialist (piercer), if the piercing is done in a specialized salon. And remember that doing piercing (even a traditional ear piercing) yourself, at home, you run the risk of complications. Why do you need them?

You can get pierced by professionals or get a free consultation on the salon website or by phone +7 (495) 790-72-01

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