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Dani Milokhin’s tattoos

Dani Milokhin’s tattoos

Danya Milokhin is a popular personality among young people who has gained immense popularity thanks to his videos filmed on the TikTok service. Recently he began to pursue a musical career, makes tracks in the rap genre. Since the spring of 2020, he has been one of the main members of the Dream Team House. He was able to become a popular person without any connections, money and education. There are many tattoos on the artist’s body. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Infatuation tattoo

From early childhood, Danya strove for freedom. Before reaching adulthood, he left his foster family and moved to live in Anapa. I entered the technical school, but did not attend classes.

During that period of time, he met a man who learned the art of tattooing the body. Dania claims that he himself was a kind of “object” for gaining experience for a novice tattoo artist. Most of Dani’s tattoos have a substandard appearance. Milokhin himself perfectly understands this, but he was pleased to be an assistant to a friend in teaching tattoo skills. Tiktoker does not see much sense in his drawings, but, in general, they suit him.

Chest tattoos

On one side of Dani’s chest is a tattoo similar to the Holy Eye of Horus. Such a tattoo means that a person has strength and wisdom. The owner of the picture can protect himself from various aggressive actions of enemies. It is worth noting that such an Egyptian sign is often used in the tattoo environment.

On the other side of Milokhin’s chest is a tattoo resembling an angel with a club. The drawings themselves are of low quality, which is explained by the little experience of his tattoo artist.

Maybe these 2 drawings are complementary to each other. Possible meaning – the owner is under the protection of his own angel and the eye of Horus.

“I am a goof” – such an inscription is located on the musician’s collarbone. There is no sense here.

In addition, on the chest is the inscription “Don’t panic”, which translates as “do not panic”

Danila Milokhin's tattoo

Arm tattoos

On the back of the hand there is a tattoo in the form of a bag of money. Tatu speaks of the materialization of one’s own desires. And so it happened – Danya Milokhin is a millionaire. The skull is located above the money bag.

Danila Milokhin's tattoo

Another cyst has an ambiguous inscription in English. Censored translation of the inscription – “fuck off”.

Dani Milokhin's tattoos

On the inside of one of the Tiktoker’s arms is a boy’s head, made in a cartoon style. There is a loop on the second hand. The meaning of an empty loop is the absence of any dangerous situations in the life of the owner of the picture.

Leg Tattoos

A large number of different cartoon characters flaunt on the feet of the musician. On the outside of the calf is Baby Groot, a character in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. A possible value is to protect the owner of the drawing from hazards.

Danila Milokhin's tattoo

Danya Milokhin is on the verge of adulthood. With an effort, he will be able to fulfill even more of his desires. Perhaps he will rethink tattoo art and new work on the body, made in a better technique, will begin to appear. Maybe Milokhin will leave the tattoos intact, as a kind of reminder of a past life, or he will correct the existing ones, giving them more quality.

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