Choosing a place for a tattoo

Choosing a place for a tattoo

A few tips on how to choose the right place for a tattoo

In order not to regret the choice made, our tattoo salon recommends that you pay your attention to the following details: is the tattoo distorted when moving, whether it should be visible to everyone or not, can you hide the pattern under clothes and how to correctly position the tattoo on the body

Choosing the wrong place for the tattoo can ruin the whole effect. For example, if you pin a portrait of a girl on your back, then when you move, it will look like a reflection in a crooked mirror. It is unlikely that she will like it, and even more so the cheerful reaction of other people. You can learn a lot about back tattoos on our website.

If we turn to statistics, then representatives of different genders also choose different places for tattoos. This is due to the fact that women with the help of them want to make the body sexier, more beautiful, but at the same time not look vulgar, so they choose places, for example, behind the ear, which can be hidden under clothes or covered with hair. Many neck tattoos have the same opportunity. And men want to be more open and flaunt the picture.

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There are many cases when people want to hide scars with a tattoo. This is a weighty argument, because anywhere the drawing will look good, while the scars are repulsive. Tattoos on the stomach are quite popular in this case. However, before such a responsible step, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to exclude possible contraindications.

The most common are hand tattoos. Here, the shoulders can be highlighted, which are the perfect place for any medium-sized designs. Often, this area is combined with the forearm, then you can create a whole plot, starting at the shoulder and continuing on the forearm. Small compositions are applied to the wrist, which can be hidden if necessary: ​​bracelets, floral motifs, chains. A common place for drawings is the fingers or the outside of the palm. True, such drawings are usually made by military men or sailors. These tattoos are a kind of cipher that can tell a lot about the owner. Since the skin grows in these places quickly, tattoos will blur over time and lose their attractiveness.

A very specific place is the legs. Women most often place the drawing on the thigh, and it is no coincidence: this is indeed one of the most successful places. There is where to turn around in volume, and with a picture you can emphasize the beauty of the hip, or vice versa, hide unnecessary shapes. Also, a great advantage – such a tattoo is not easy to see, for this you need to be in short shorts or a swimsuit (by the way, you can find a good combination with the latter). Calves are also quite comfortable, but men will have hair problems here.

The ankle is a small area but very promising. Most often, girls draw here, because a small bracelet or drawing in the form of, for example, a flower looks very sexy and intriguing.

By placing a tattoo on the head, people benefit from the fact that they can grow their hair and hide it if necessary. Although on the other hand, in order to show it, you have to constantly shave your head. Permanent makeup is most often done on the face. So you can emphasize or change the shape of the lips, eyebrows, eyes. But it will be almost impossible to change such makeup, which may not always come in handy.

Housing – the place where you can “roam”. Let’s start with the chest, on which both men and women are drawn. The most standard place here is the upper part of the case, here you can place an image of almost any size.

Women’s breasts are quite a controversial place for a tattoo. Of course, graceful drawings can add charm and charm to her, but with age, the breast changes shape, and many drawings look pretty stupid, or rather, they do not look at all. Interestingly, you can beat the nipples, which are usually done in the center of the composition.

The shoulder blade is a dream, not a place. Technically, drawing is easy to apply, and of any size. And if you need to hide the tattoo, it is enough not to wear clothes with a cutout in the back. Therefore, girls very often tattoo themselves in this very place.

Of course, drawings on the lower back look very stylish and defiant, especially among the fair sex. Not only is there enough space, but also almost any theme: flowers, animals, Celtic ornament. Most often, these patterns have a wide part in the middle and taper towards the edges.

On the waist and buttocks of the owners of the drawings, the same problems lie in wait as with the belly, but these places are still popular. Plant motifs will look good here.

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