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Brooklyn Beckham celebrates 18th birthday with two new tattoos

Brooklyn Beckham celebrates 18th birthday with two new tattoos

Brooklyn Beckham is the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham. The guy was born on March 4, 1999 in London and, having reached the 18th birthday, boldly entered the world of tattoo lovers!

In early April, Brooklyn Beckham visited a tattoo artist for the first time and hammered a portrait of an Indian chief in a spectacular headdress made of eagle feathers on his right arm. The honor to make Brooklyn the first tattoo fell to David Beckham’s friend, tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.

A few days later, Brooklyn boasted another new tattoo: a small camera on his left arm.

camera on hand tattoo

The author of the second Brooklyn tattoo was Doctor Woo, a popular artist from Los Angeles, whose Instagram has 1.2 million subscribers.

David Beckham with his son Brooklyn

Two tattoos in a week and a half is a bold start! It may not take long for Brooklyn to catch up with his famous father, whose body is thoroughly filled with drawings and inscriptions. Read more about this in the material. “40 tattoos by David Beckham”


In July, Brooklyn got two more brand new tattoos.

Brooklyn Beckham tattoo

Compass on the forearm and an eagle tattoo on the back of the hand.

brooklyn beckham tattoo eagle

And in August 2017, the body of the famous Beckham was decorated with a rose.

brooklyn beckham

In honor of his father, Brooklyn got a “Seven” tattoo on his left arm.

Beckham tattoo photo

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