Behind the ear tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos

Many girls want their tattoo to be “secret” and do not like to put it on display. For this purpose, for example, a tattoo behind the ear is perfect. Usually, some images of small cute drawings, hieroglyphs or inscriptions are chosen for her.

It is not for nothing that tattoos behind the ear for girls are gaining more and more popularity every day. Firstly, it is very beautiful, removing the flowing strand of hair from the ear, to present to everyone, for example, a picturesque peacock feather or even a mysterious inscription in Latin. Secondly, the magnetism of this kind of “lure” acts on the stronger sex in the most damaging way. And most importantly, a tattoo behind the ear will in no way spoil your image. Such a lovely little thing is very practical, fits perfectly into the relief of the body, does not bother anyone (especially its mistress), does not intrusively creep into the eyes of others.

By the way, men began to get tattoos behind the ear more and more often lately. So this is no longer the prerogative of young girls. The sketches that the representatives of the stronger sex choose are different from those for women. For a man, a tattoo behind the ear is most likely hieroglyphs, perhaps tribal-style patterns, skulls and other non-vanilla pictures.

Various semicircular patterns, which, as it were, repeat the shape of the auricle, look very impressive in this place. Moreover, the pattern can be made in any technique from realism to tribal. Minor painful sensations, as well as with a tattoo on the neck, do not have to endure for a long time – the work is small in volume, and a real master will cope with it very quickly.

Before you finally choose a sketch for a tattoo behind the ear, you should consult with a salon master, since due to limited space, some drawings with fine detail can “blur” after a short time. An experienced studio professional will be able to save you from mistakes.

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