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Battle of psychics: Swami Dashi’s tattoos

Battle of psychics: Swami Dashi’s tattoos

The mystic from St. Petersburg, the most mysterious participant and winner of the 17th season of the show “Battle of Psychics”, immediately attracted the attention of a million audience of viewers. Swami Bodhi Darshi is a participant’s pseudonym, an honorary title in Hinduism that means “self-controlled” or “free from feelings.” In India, the master spent more than twenty years of his life studying a variety of self-awareness practices, meditating and undergoing training.

A long path of self-study, rich life experience, 20-year practice of working with the body and constant meditation allow Swami Dashi to “read” people in order to understand what methods can be used to transform a person.

Swami Dashi

Working in the “Spirit-Soul-Body” system, he helps people restore spiritual balance and set the right vector on the path to self-healing of the body and energy systems. Swami Dashi promotes the importance of a balance between physical, mental and spiritual activities that complement each other. The Master of Body Practitioners has opened several Meditation Centers and regularly conducts field seminars.

Swami Dashi

Swami Dashi Tattoos

The winner of the 17th “Battle of Psychics” became incredibly popular and attracted a huge number of people with his gift. Many people strive to get an appointment with a mystic and sign up for seminars, where the queue already numbers more than ten thousand people! There are hundreds of questions on social networks, which Swami Dashi periodically answers in general publications.

Not surprisingly, subscribers were interested in the tattoos of the favorite of the 17th “Battle of Psychics”. Answering this question, Swami Dashi posted a photo of the tattoo in his accounts with the comment:

Companions :))))), I’m still in silence, partly forced … …
Someone about tattoos: here’s your original source – Sasha Markin, the best of the best :))))), all questions to him. He is my Master, tattoo artist, of course….

Tattoo artist Alexander Markin: Impressive Chicano-style tattoos (55 photos)

Swami Dashi Tattoos

The wolf is Swami Dashi’s totem animal, which is why a large-scale tattoo on the chest depicts a wolf with a grin, which is a guide to another world and a protector from the forces of evil.

A tattoo depicting a wolf and a moon symbolizes a certain degree of independence from society and a special power of inner strength. Dashi admits that the wolf greatly influences his life, and working with totems is also included in the spectrum of his practices.


The image of an old man next to a wolf enhances the abilities of the totem animal, gives him the power of his ancestors, making him wiser. The wolf in the tattoo also confirms the owner’s involvement in wildlife.

Each tattoo on Swami Dashi’s body is associated with certain events and stages of the esoteric’s life. He deliberately avoids asking questions about tattoos and their meanings, emphasizing only their very personal nature.

Swami Dashi Tattoos

Therefore, the meanings of tattoos on Dasha’s body can be characterized only in a general sense. For example, wing tattoos are usually interpreted as a symbol of sublimity, have the designation of lightness, flight and the desire for freedom. In ancient Egypt, a tattoo with wings was a sign of power.

The drawing on Swami Dashi’s other arm is a tattoo by the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Escher “Mobius strip II“With nine ants.

swami dashi mebius tattoo

The paradox of this lithography is that, having made a circle, the ants resort to the same place from where the movement began, while finding themselves on the opposite side of the tape.

Mobius strip - Escher

Ants – a symbol of mobility, hard work, patience and diligence.

The tattoo of ants that set off on an endless path along a loop-shaped ribbon is a symbol of high organization and orderliness.

Swami Dashi

“To understand me,” writes Dasha, “you just need to read the quote of one great man, which is given below”:

“You can exist in 2 ways. If you exist as a person living with your head, then you will be successful in the world. You can achieve wealth, power, prestige. In politics, you can be a successful person. In the eyes of the world, you will become an object of imitation. But inside, inside the soul, you completely fail, fail to the end, because the “man of the mind” cannot enter the soul at all. The head is directed outward – it is openness to others. The heart is open inward – it is an openness for yourself. You can exist either as a “man of the mind” or as a “man of the heart.” When your energy, your life energy goes from head to heart, you become a Sufi. “
– Osho.

The spectrum of Swami Dashi’s practices is yoga, alternative oriental medicine, various meditation practices, Osho teachings, Sufi whirling and dhikr, Tibetan pulsations, Zen and Zazen, as well as the techniques of Lapin, Gurdjieff and Reich.

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