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All Mike Tyson’s tattoos

All Mike Tyson’s tattoos

Mike Tyson is a world boxing legend. During his long career, he won more than a dozen fights and won many titles – it was not for nothing that he was given the nickname “Iron Mike”. Perhaps the most recognizable and ferocious fighter in history (only one story with a bitten off ear is worth something). And tattoos give it an even more intimidating look. There are not many drawings on the boxer’s body, but each has its own story.


The most famous, of course, is around the left eye. This is a geometric pattern – Tribal, signifying the status of a warrior. He appeared in 2003, a week before the spectacular fight with Clifford Etienne, whom he knocked out in the 49th second of the first round. It was rumored that, in this way, Tyson was trying to avoid the upcoming fight, as he considered himself insufficiently prepared. The fight had to be postponed for a week until the scars healed to avoid infection. According to another version, the champion was not satisfied with the amount of the fee of $ 5 million.

Similar hieroglyphs were worn by Maori men in New Zealand to scare an opponent in battle. New Zealand scientists expressed their indignation: such drawings can only be worn by the descendants of a tribe, to which the famous boxer has nothing to do. And later there was another scandal with tattoo artist Victor Whitmill, who worked on Tyson’s face (obviously, it was a damn brave master).

After the film adaptation of the comedy “Bachelor Party in Vegas 2”, where the champion played himself, and one of the main characters pinned himself a similar drawing. Whitmill saw this copyright infringement and filed a lawsuit. He demanded to cancel the release of the picture and pay compensation in the amount of $ 30 million. Mike himself stated that this tattoo has nothing to do with Maori. He just never liked his face, and with a tattoo it looks much more attractive.


On the forearm of the right hand, the Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong is depicted (originally, there was a simple inscription with the name Mike). A boxer stabbed him while serving a prison sentence for rape, where he read some of Zedong’s treatises. His ideas inspired Mike so much that he decided to capture a portrait of the politician on his body.

Mike Tyson's tattoos on the arm

And from the very wrist to the elbow of the same hand, an aggressive tiger is applied – the very first tattoo. Tyson has been wearing it since 1979. Such a symbol was typical for members of the ghetto gang, which then included the future boxer. This drawing is somewhat reminiscent of the image of a dragon in Eastern culture and means nobility, courage, strength and power.

On the left bicep, another fighter for popular ideals flaunts – tennis champion and founder of the AIDS Foundation Arthur Ash. On top of the tattoo is the inscription “Days of Grace”, which means – “Days of grace.”

Mike Tyson's tattoos on the arm

On the inside of the left hand is a portrait of Monica Turner’s ex-wife, with whom they have been married for 5 years. Apparently, this is how at one time Tyson wanted to express his love.


Another cult figure is depicted on the champion’s belly – the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. In one of the interviews, Mike was asked why he was, to which the answer followed: “Che Guevara is an incredible person. He did so much, sacrificed everything for the benefit of other people. “

Mike Tyson's tattoos on the body

Most of the tattoos are great figures. Apparently, through portraits of great personalities, he expresses his views. He also speaks of his contradictory and complex nature. So far, Tyson has 6 tattoos on his body, but in one of the interviews he somehow mentioned that he plans to cover the whole body with them. Whether “Iron Mike” will carry out his plans, and whose portrait will decorate the body of the ex-champion next, we can only guess.

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