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All Conor McGregor tattoos

All Conor McGregor tattoos

Conor McGreror is considered one of the most successful MMA fighters of our time. However, in addition to sports, the Irishman has other interesting hobbies, one of which is tattoo… Today we will tell you about all of Conor’s body drawings and try to find out what is the story behind each of them. So, let’s begin!


Right under the back of his head, Conor pricked himself a modest, but very expressive, winged crucifix. Many fans attribute this act to the fighter’s religiosity, however, in fact, he is an atheist. The tattoo was done after one solemn event, at which McGregor spoke sharply about religion and said that he would never become a believer.

A little below the crucifix, on the spinestuffed with a formidable spiral with thorns. What does tattoo mean on the back – it’s hard to say, especially since Conor himself prefers not to talk about her.


The famous fighter decided to approach the tattooing of his hands very carefully. Conor’s On the hand only the left forearm is clogged, although the drawing covers it completely. Most of the tattoo features a skillfully impaled dagger and a beautiful shrub with vibrant rose flowers. A clock was hidden inside the bush, the hands on which froze at 15:35. Whether this was chosen by chance, temporarily or consciously, history is silent. The fighter himself also refuses to give any comments to the press.

Closer to the elbow, just above the rose bush, Conan has the inscription “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” impaled. This is a well-known phrase among the military, the translation of which reads “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

A little to the right of the seal quote is a small image of a man standing in a boxing stance. The drawing is made in a contour style and is noticeable only if you come close to the fighter. Also on the back of the hand you can see a portrait of a respectable English gentleman with a hat and a chic mustache.


The most expressive and defiant tattoo McGregor is on the chest cage. Here, a fighter has a grim face of a black gorilla, whose grin is complemented by a wearing crown and a torn human heart. The tattoo symbolizes the logo “Straight Blast” – the famous Irish club, in which an athlete likes to train in his free time from fighting. How much is a gorilla – it is difficult to say, but when you look at it, it immediately becomes clear that the famous master did the tattoo.

Black monkey, according to Conor himself, is his first conscious tattoo. According to the statement of the fighter, it does not carry any secret meaning in itself. “I just liked it, so I got it,” laughs McGregor. And finally he noted: “If I ever experienced unreal physical pain, it was when I adorned myself with this damn primate.”

Conor McGregor tattoo on chest


Monkey on the chest – this is not the only living creature on Conor’s body. On the belly of the Irishman you can see a drawing of a tiger. McGregor is an avid animal fanatic and enjoys watching them while hunting. However, look for some hidden in this tattoo meaning not worth it – the man pricked him completely spontaneously.

Above and below the predatory beast are the words “McGregor” and “Notorius“. And if everything is clear with the first inscription (this is the name of the fighter), then the meaning of the second is known only to fans of Conor. “Notorius“Is a nickname in the ring, the translation of which means” notorious “.

Conor McGregor tattoo on the stomach


Conor got a tattoo on his leg while intoxicated. As the fighter admitted, before giving himself into the hands of the master, he did not even see the sketch of the tattoo. It was in Cyprus – it was there that the fighter paid 20 bucks for an Arabic inscription, the meaning of which he still does not understand. Nevertheless, McGregor does not regret at all about the perfect act.

Conor McGregor tattoo on the leg

Whether Conor McGeror will continue to decorate his pumped-up body with tattoos is hard to say. The fighter himself tries to keep silent to the questions of journalists, so fans can only guess what surprises their idol will present them in the future. However, people like Conor have always been distinguished by impulsiveness and unpredictability of actions, which means that any trick can be expected from an athlete.

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