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40 tattoos by David Beckham

40 tattoos by David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham is a famous English footballer and midfielder. Throughout his career, he played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as defended the colors of the England national team. David is especially known for his high set and free kick skills. In 2011 he was named the highest paid football player in the world.

David Beckham’s tattoos

David Beckham has 40 tattoos on his body, each of which has a special meaning for a football player. “They’re about the important people in my life,” says David.

You can explore each of the forty Beckham tattoos in a special infographic, and we will talk about just a few of them.

It is known that David first came under the needle of a tattoo artist in 1999 after the birth of his eldest son, and in 2000 he returned to the tattoo studio and came out with a large guardian angel in the middle of his upper back. The idea behind the tattoo design is an angel watching Brooklyn’s name below. After the birth of his second son Romeo in 2002, David added his name above the guardian angel, and later marked the birth of the third with a personalized tattoo under the winged angel.

40 tattoos by David Beckham

Cross sign: Another religious emblem appeared on David’s body in 2004 when he added a winged cross at the back of his head.

40 tattoos by David Beckham

Beckham’s arm tattoo is a large portrait of an angel with the words “In the face of adversity.”

40 tattoos by David Beckham

One of David Beckham’s torso tattoos is a religious scene depicting Jesus with three cherubs. The meaning of the tattoo, presumably, is a symbol of the football player himself and his three sons.

In 2010, David’s collection of religious tattoos was replenished with the image of Jesus under the ribs. The image is based on a painting titled “The Man of Sorrows” by Catholic artist Matthew R. Brooks and is believed to be a tribute to his grandfather who passed away the year before.

40 tattoos by David Beckham

Each of the sons has his own name on the body of David, there are also tattoos in honor of his wife and daughter.

“All tattoos are about people in my life., Says David, – When you see me, you see tattoos. You see the expression of how I feel about Victoria and the children. They are part of me. I don’t regret any tattoo. They all make sense. I think this is what is important about tattoos: if they make sense, you will never regret them. “

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